30 Funny Ways to Say Happy 21st Birthday

30 Funny Ways to Say Happy 21st Birthday

Below are 30 funny ways to say happy 21st birthday:

  1. Welcome to the 21 club. We’ve been expecting you!
  2. Time to swap the juice box for a wine glass!
  3. 21 and fun has just begun!
  4. Officially too old to even pretend you’re a teen.
  5. Cheers to 21 years of awesome you!
  6. Hello 21! Goodbye, fake ID!
  7. You’re now vintage 2002. Uncork and enjoy!
  8. 21 candles and finally, a beer to extinguish them!
  9. You’re 21! Now legally doing what you’ve done since 18.
  10. You’ve leveled up to “legal everywhere!”
  11. 21: When “adulting” starts getting real-er.
  12. Welcome to a world where hangovers last two days.
  13. 21 and officially too young for a midlife crisis!
  14. The world’s your oyster, and the bar’s open!
  15. A toast to you: 21 with 21 toasts!
  16. Age is just a number, but 21’s the magic one.
  17. Happy two-decade-plus-one!
  18. Time to pour the fun. Cheers to 21!
  19. Hooray, you can legally… oh wait, you’ve done that!
  20. No more sneaking sips, it’s all legit now!
  21. 21 years of mischief with a cherry on top!
  22. Not a teen, not yet 30. Enjoy the sweet spot!
  23. 21: When you can buy your own fun in a bottle.
  24. Dance like you’re 21, because, well, you are!
  25. Decades to go, but today you’re the ultimate 21!
  26. Now you can tell teens, “When I was your age…”
  27. Officially old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.
  28. Cheers to being legal squared!
  29. Welcome to the age when life starts giving you lemons (for your drinks)!
  30. You’ve been served: one large dose of 21st birthday fun!


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Funny Ways to Say Happy 21st Birthday