30 Funny Ways to Say Good Morning Over Text

Funny Ways to Say Good Morning Over Text

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Good Morning Over Text:

  1. Morning, sunshine…or should I call you sleepyhead?
  2. Why’d the coffee file a police report? It got mugged! Wake up and save your coffee!
  3. Mornings are like math. I don’t get them either.
  4. Why did the scarecrow win an award? He was outstanding in his field! Now, up and at ’em!
  5. Did you hear about the kidnapping this morning? Don’t worry, he woke up!
  6. Hey, Sleeping Beauty! How’s the 100-year nap?
  7. Guess who’s up and caffeinated? Hint: Not just me.
  8. Do I have to come over and tickle you awake?
  9. Bet you $10 you can’t beat me to breakfast.
  10. Morning! Remember, the early bird gets the worm. But who wants a worm, anyway?
  11. Wake up! There’s a whole world out there… but coffee first.
  12. Good meowning! 🐱.
  13. If you reply to this message, I’ll grant you three more hours of sleep.
  14. We all have our morning rituals. Mine is texting you. Yours is wishing I’d stop.
  15. Wakey, wakey, eggs, and bakey!
  16. I don’t do mornings without emojis. 🌞🥞☕🥓🛌.
  17. Let’s face it. Mornings are the universe’s way of testing your will to live.
  18. Rise and whine!
  19. Ever notice how ‘Good Morning’ sounds a lot like ‘Go back to sleep’? Just me?
  20. May your coffee be strong and your day short!
  21. Is it morning or is it just you lighting up the day?
  22. Morning! Did you dream of me or did you oversleep and forget?
  23. A yawn is just a silent scream for coffee. Heard you all the way here.
  24. Alarm clocks: because every morning should start with a heart attack.
  25. If mornings had a delete button, I’d press it. But hey, at least we have memes.
  26. Top of the mornin’! And if it’s not the top, go back to bed.
  27. I’d say ‘Good Morning,’ but it’s you, so I know it’s already great.
  28. I woke up today. You woke up today. Let’s call it a win and go back to bed.
  29. Why morning? Why not afternoon? Oh well, have a good one!
  30. Heard your alarm. Sent this text. Now it’s your turn. Wake up!


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Funny Ways to Say Good Morning Over Text