Learn 20 Expressions Related to Rejection

Rejection is a part of life, and it’s important to understand and express it effectively. This blog post explores 20 expressions related to rejection, helping you to articulate your feelings and navigate through such experiences with ease.

Expressions Related to Rejection

1. Face the Music

Meaning: Accept consequences
Example: He must face the music after his mistake.

2. Blow Off Steam

Meaning: Release pent-up emotions
Example: She went for a run to blow off steam.

3. Get the Cold Shoulder

Meaning: Be ignored
Example: He got the cold shoulder after the argument.

4. Brush Off

Meaning: Dismiss lightly
Example: She brushed off his apology without a second thought.

5. Cut Off

Meaning: End abruptly
Example: They cut off all communication after the breakup.

6. Kick to the Curb

Meaning: Reject harshly
Example: He was kicked to the curb by his employer.

7. Let Down

Meaning: Disappoint
Example: The team felt let down by the decision.

8. Shut Out

Meaning: Exclude
Example: He was shut out of the meeting.

9. Knock Back

Meaning: Reject firmly
Example: His proposal was knocked back immediately.

10. Pass Over

Meaning: Overlook
Example: She was passed over for the promotion.

11. Push Aside

Meaning: Ignore
Example: His suggestions were pushed aside by the committee.

12. Leave Out

Meaning: Exclude
Example: She felt left out of the conversation.

13. Turn Down

Meaning: Reject an offer
Example: He turned down the job offer politely.

14. Cast Aside

Meaning: Discard
Example: Her ideas were cast aside during the discussion.

15. Throw Away

Meaning: Reject as useless
Example: They threw away his application without reading it.

16. Toss Out

Meaning: Discard casually
Example: His suggestion was tossed out immediately.

17. Write Off

Meaning: Dismiss as unimportant
Example: They wrote off his concerns without consideration.

18. Walk Away From

Meaning: Abandon
Example: She walked away from the project feeling unappreciated.

19. Shut Down

Meaning: Reject by ending
Example: The proposal was shut down in the meeting.

20. Close the Door On

Meaning: End opportunities
Example: They closed the door on further negotiations.

Expressions Related to Rejection