20 English Phrases With Meanings

English is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, and learning it can be both a challenge and an exciting journey. Whether you are a beginner or have experience with the language, brush up on your English skills by familiarizing yourself with these 20 common English phrases. Each phrase has its own unique meaning, so understanding how to use them correctly can help you communicate more effectively in day-to-day conversations.

20 English Phrases With Meanings

English Phrases With Meanings

  1. Break a leg: means good luck
  2. Bite the bullet: means to endure a painful or difficult situation
  3. Costs an arm and a leg: means something is very expensive
  4. Hit the nail on the head: means to be exactly right or accurate
  5. A piece of cake: means something is very easy
  6. Spill the beans: means to reveal a secret
  7. Cutting corners: means to do something quickly and with little effort, often resulting in a lower quality outcome
  8. Once in a blue moon: means something happens very rarely
  9. Put all your eggs in one basket: means to risk everything on one thing or venture
  10. The ball is in your court: which means it’s someone’s turn to make a decision or take action
  11. Barking up the wrong tree: means pursuing the wrong course of action or making the wrong assumptions about something
  12. Being caught between a rock and a hard place: means being in a difficult or impossible situation with no easy solution
  13. In hot water: means to be in trouble or facing a difficult situation
  14. Throw in the towel: means to give up or surrender
  15. A dime a dozen: means something is very common or easy to find
  16. Beat around the bush: means to avoid addressing a topic directly or to speak indirectly
  17. By the skin of your teeth: means to barely succeed or narrowly avoid failure
  18. Kill two birds with one stone: means to accomplish two things at once
  19. Under the weather: means to be ill or feeling unwell
  20. You can’t have your cake and eat it too: which means you can’t have everything you want, especially if it contradicts itself.

20 most common phrases

List of 20 Common Phrases

Below are 20 phrases:

  1. You’re so annoying!
  2. How can you say that?
  3. I know, right?
  4. That’s a bummer!
  5. You need to chill out.
  6. That makes sense.
  7. You’ll see.
  8. This is so annoying!
  9. You should totally
  10. Way to go!
  11. Just calm down.
  12. It’s getting late.
  13. I shouldn’t be telling you this.
  14. What do you mean?
  15. This is such a bad idea!
  16. You betcha!
  17. It’s all good
  18. It’s not my fault
  19. It is what it is
  20. Can’t complain!

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