20+ Creative Ways to Say Come Over

Do you ever want to hang out with friends, but don’t feel like using textspeak? There are actually a lot of creative and fun ways to say “come over” without resorting to digital shortcuts! Whether you’re trying to make plans for an after-school get-together, invite your pals for a game night, or just have some good old fashioned face time—with the right words, you can get the party started in no time.

Check out these awesome unique ideas for different ways to ask someone to come over.

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Creative Ways to Say Come Over

1- Let’s turn our evening into a magical adventure.

2- Come over and let’s make some fun memories.

3- How about an outdoor movie night?

4- Let’s explore the city together!

5- Let’s have a pool party!

6- I have something special planned for us tonight.

7- How about a picnic under the stars?

8- Let’s go stargazing together.

9- Can’t wait to share laughter with you.

10- Why don’t we have a jam session?

11- Let’s test out my new secret recipe!

12- I’m cooking up something special for us tonight.

13- Let’s go on a bike ride together.

14- Come over so we can laugh and play around!

15- How about an indoor camping night?

16- I have the perfect spot for us to watch the sunset from.

17- Wanna come over and build a fort?

18- Let’s do some painting together.

19- How about we make our own ice cream sundaes?

20- Come over so we can have an adventure!

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