20 Other Ways to Say Call Me

Do you often find yourself struggling to come up with interesting ways to say “call me” in conversations? Whether it’s texting a friend or chatting with family, it can be tough to think of something unique and creative that still conveys the same meaning. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some alternative phrases you can use instead of just saying “call me”. From simple two-word terms like “ring me” and “reach out” to more detailed expressions like “give (me) a jingle” or “drop me a line anytime”, there’s an expression for every occasion! So, if you’re looking for other ways to ask someone to call you, read on!

20 Other Ways to Say Call Me

1- Reach out to me

2- Ring me up

3- Get in touch with me

4- Give me a shout

5- Buzz me

6- Holler at me

7- Connect with me

8- Drop by for a chat

9- Reach across the airwaves

10 – Hit my line

11- Give me a ring

12- Get in contact with me

13- Drop me a line

14- Dial my number

15- Line me up

16- Let’s talk directly

17- Connect with me by phone

18 – Give me a call sometime

19- Contact me on the telephone

20- Talk to me on the phone

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Other Ways to Say Call Me 1

Another Way to say Call Me

1- Reach out

2- Hit me up

3- Contact Me

4- Get in touch

5- Connect with me

6- Just drop me a line

7- Give me a shout

8- Shoot me an email

9- Drop me a note

10-Send me a message

anOther Ways to Say Call Me

Synonyms of Call Me

1- Summon

2- Invoke

3- Ring

4- Habeas

5- Entreat

6- Bid

7- Urge

8- Solicit

9- Require

10- Demand

Synonyms of Call Me

20 other ways to say call me