Top 20 Property Insurance Abbreviations

Property insurance can seem like a maze, filled with confusing shortcuts. For our ESL readers and lifestyle enthusiasts, we’re simplifying this journey! Our post today introduces the top 20 property insurance abbreviations, essential for anyone navigating home safety and insurance decisions. Let’s demystify these terms together and make insurance a less daunting topic!

Property Insurance Abbreviations

  1. HOI: Homeowners Insurance
  2. RE: Real Estate
  3. PI: Property Insurance
  4. BPP: Business Personal Property
  5. COPE: Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposure (used in assessing property risks)
  6. TIV: Total Insured Value
  7. ACV: Actual Cash Value
  8. RCV: Replacement Cost Value
  9. CAT: Catastrophe (as in CAT loss or CAT bond)
  10. EQ: Earthquake
  11. FL: Flood
  12. HO: Homeowner (used in policy types like HO-3, HO-5)
  13. DP: Dwelling Policy
  14. CGL: Commercial General Liability (often includes property coverage)
  15. BI: Business Interruption
  16. BB: Builders Risk
  17. FMV: Fair Market Value
  18. LOC: Loss of Use Coverage
  19. MFL: Maximum Foreseeable Loss
  20. PML: Probable Maximum Loss


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