What Does Chickens Mean In Rap? Origin and Usage!

In the dynamic world of rap music, slang terms often carry unique meanings, resonating with cultural and contextual significance. One such term is “chickens.” Let’s dive into its meaning, origin, and usage in rap.

Chickens Mean In Rap

In rap, “chickens” typically refers to kilograms of illegal drugs, especially cocaine. This slang term is used metaphorically, drawing a parallel between the way poultry is traded and distributed to the way drugs are circulated in the streets.

Origin of Chicken

The term “chicken” in rap originated from American street slang. It emerged as a coded language among drug dealers and users to discuss drug transactions discreetly. Over time, it was adopted into rap lyrics, reflecting the gritty realities of street life.

Example Sentences Using Chicken

  1. Bought two chickens, time to double up.
  2. Flipping chickens, made a fortune last night.
  3. Caught him with a chicken; cops came fast.
  4. Stacking profits from those chickens, no looking back.
  5. Lost a chicken, that’s a big setback.
  6. Dreaming big, started with a single chicken.
  7. Sold my last chicken, out of the game.
  8. His empire started with just one chicken.
  9. Risks are high when you’re moving chickens.
  10. Every chicken sold brings more heat around.

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