What Does VVS Mean In Rap? (Origin & Usage)

The rap industry often introduces flamboyant and expressive terms, with “VVS” being a standout example. This term has become synonymous with a certain lifestyle and status within the rap community. Let’s explore the meaning behind VVS, its origins, and how it is commonly used in rap lyrics.

VVS Mean In Rap

VVS, in the context of rap, refers to “Very Very Slightly Included” diamonds. These are high-quality diamonds with minimal inclusions, signifying luxury, wealth, and status. Rappers often use VVS to boast about their success and extravagant lifestyle.

Origin of VVS

VVS originates from the gemological grading of diamonds. In the world of jewelry, VVS diamonds are among the highest quality due to their minimal flaws. This term was adopted into rap culture as artists often use luxury items like high-grade diamonds to symbolize their wealth and success.

Example Sentences Using VVS

  1. My new chain’s shining with those VVS stones.
  2. Only VVS on my watch, nothing less.
  3. VVS diamonds are a symbol of my grind.
  4. She loves the sparkle of my VVS.
  5. Every performance, I rock those VVS.
  6. My success is as clear as VVS.
  7. In this game, I aim for VVS levels.
  8. VVS in my ears, shining like stars.
  9. These VVS aren’t just stones, they’re my story.
  10. Gotta thank my hustle for these VVS.

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