What Does 4X Mean In Rap? Origin and Usage!

Rap music is renowned for its inventive use of language, where even numbers can take on unique and significant meanings. “4x” is a term that has emerged in the rap community, carrying a specific connotation. This post will explore the meaning of 4x, its origins, and how it’s used in rap.

4x Mean In Rap

In rap, “4x” is a term that generally signifies a four-time offender or someone who has been incarcerated four times. It’s used to denote a level of street credibility or experience with the criminal justice system.

Origin of 4x

The term “4x” likely originates from street slang and the penal system, where repeat offenses are tracked numerically. It was adopted into rap lyrics as a badge of authenticity, reflecting the harsh realities of life in crime-ridden areas and the criminal justice system’s impact on those communities.

Example Sentences Using 4x

  1. He’s a real 4x, seen it all before.
  2. 4x on the block, he’s no stranger.
  3. That 4x status, is earned with time.
  4. They know him as a 4x, respected widely.
  5. Living hard, he’s a true 4x now.
  6. 4x and still standing, he’s a survivor.
  7. His rap sheet reads like a 4x tale.
  8. 4x in the game, he’s seen the ups.
  9. A 4x legend, his stories run deep.
  10. From a rookie to a 4x, he’s evolved.


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