7 Days speak English course online session

Speak English Course online! This is a very easy and short 7 days Exercise. After this drill type session, you can talk non stop with foreigners without any hesitation. It will make you proud of the community and also helps you to remove barriers in your conversation.

It contains common conversation sentences (English Dialogue)

Speak English Course online

Important 20 Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Tell me about your family.
  3. What are your qualifications?
  4. Describe your job.
  5. Describe your daily routine.
  6. What is your aim in life?
  7. Which is the most memorable moment in your life?
  8. If you have to start a business, what would it be?
  9. Are reality shows on TV are real or fake?
  10. What kind of person you were in childhood?
  11. What would you show to a guest in your city or country?
  12. What is your dream job?
  13. What do you do to stay happy?
  14. What do you do to Stay Fit?
  15. Are machines making us lazy?
  16. What is your hobby?
  17. What do you do on holiday?
  18. If you would become President, what would you do?
  19. What is your favorite color?
  20. What are the things that you dislike?

Question paper for Course


  1. My name is Azuma Ali. I’m from Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. My father is a teacher. I have only a younger brother.
  3. I am a Mechanical Engineer from a well-known institute.
  4. I am working at Atlas Honda as a sales manager.
  5. I used to get up early in the morning and worship God. Then, comes to the office.
  6. I want to be an Honest and Hardworking lady and want to join NASA.
  7. O! of course, it’s my childhood, when I used to play with dolls.
  8. I’m thinking to start a teaching school for girls.
  9. I don’t think these are true. Totally folk tales.
  10. I was a very innocent and fatty girl.
  11. I would show him/her Minar-e-Pakistan, Faisal Mosque, and Village culture.
  12. My dream job is a part of NASA.
  13. I used to worship God to stay happy.
  14. I used to go for a morning walk and eat light and fresh food.
  15. OF course, I don’t like the overuse of machines.
  16. My hobby is gardening.
  17. I used to visit the Northern areas of Pakistan. It provides delight to me.
  18. I would work for poor people.
  19. I like black.
  20. Taunting someone who speaks English course.

speak english course online

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