50 Examples Of Present Participle As Adjective

50 Examples Of Present Participle As Adjective! Present participles are an important part of the English language and can be used to form adjectives that modify nouns. It’s an important concept to understand as it can add a lot of detail and description to our writing. In this article, we’ll provide fifty examples of how “present participles” can be used as adjectives to help you gain a better understanding of the concept.

Present Participle As Adjective!

The present participle can be used as an adjective to modify or describe a noun. This is a common usage of the present participle in English grammar.

For example, in the sentence:

  • The running water is refreshing.

The present participle “running” is used as an adjective to describe the noun “water.”

Similarly, in the sentence:

  • She wore a flowing dress.

The present participle “flowing” is used as an adjective to describe the noun “dress.”

Note that when the present participle is used as an adjective, it usually has an active or dynamic meaning, suggesting that the noun it modifies is in motion or undergoing some sort of action.

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Examples Of Present Participle As Adjective

50 Examples Of Present Participle As Adjective

Here are 50 examples of present participle used as an adjective:

  1. The barking dog woke up the neighborhood.
  2. The boiling water burned his hand.
  3. The crying child was comforted by his mother.
  4. The dancing couple looked happy.
  5. The falling leaves were beautiful.
  6. The flowing river was tranquil.
  7. The glowing embers kept us warm.
  8. The growing population needs more resources.
  9. The howling wind was eerie.
  10. The laughing children played in the park.
  11. The melting snow caused flooding.
  12. The raging storm destroyed everything in its path.
  13. The rising sun signaled the start of a new day.
  14. The rustling leaves gave away his position.
  15. The shining stars were breathtaking.
  16. The singing bird woke us up early.
  17. The smoking chimney signaled a warm fire.
  18. The sparkling water was crystal clear.
  19. The swirling wind made it hard to walk.
  20. The trembling hands betrayed her nervousness.
  21. The twisting road made him feel sick.
  22. The whispering wind was soothing.
  23. The wilting flowers needed water.
  24. The working machines made a lot of noise.
  25. The yawning child was tired.
  26. The baking bread smelled delicious.
  27. The buzzing bee flew from flower to flower.
  28. The chirping crickets kept us up at night.
  29. The crackling fire was cozy.
  30. The croaking frog scared her.
  31. The dripping faucet was annoying.
  32. The flashing lights signaled danger.
  33. The flickering candle created a romantic mood.
  34. The itching mosquito bite was irritating.
  35. The popping popcorn made her hungry.
  36. The purring cat was content.
  37. The quacking ducks swam in the pond.
  38. The roaring lion was fierce.
  39. The screeching brakes were alarming.
  40. The shimmering lake was beautiful.
  41. The sizzling bacon smelled delicious.
  42. The slithering snake was scary.
  43. The sneezing child needed a tissue.
  44. The splashing water was refreshing.
  45. The squeaking door needed oil.
  46. The squirming baby was restless.
  47. The strumming guitar sounded beautiful.
  48. The whistling wind was loud.
  49. The winking star caught her eye.
  50. The running shoes are comfortable.