20 Examples of Prepositions of time

20 Examples of Prepositions of time 20 Examples of Prepositions of Time

  1. In some ways, they resembled each other.
  2. When you’re ready, I’ll be in the kitchen.
  3. Katie fixed her gaze on the potato she was holding.
  4. Jonathan was watching television in his room.
  5. Felipa greeted them downstairs in the main room.
  6. Alex entered and shut the door to the other room.
  7. In the throng, there was not a single person who was unattractive.
  8. In this one, I’m far too hot.
  9. In fact, she was filled with pity.
  10. In her hand, he placed a spoon.
  11. She was placed in the bed and covered by the nurse.
  12. She opened it and began hanging their belongings in the closet.
  13. In the darkness, the shepherd quickly lost sight of them.
  14. She placed the photograph on his lap and waited for his reaction.
  15. She cringed inwardly at that point.
  16. The rich hardwood floor reflected highlights in the maroon tapestry.
  17. Her houseplants, which she had started in March, flourished.
  18. In the mirror, he gave her a quick glance before continuing to shave.
  19. I arrived in a private helicopter.
  20. In some ways, I suppose so.
  21. After they returned home, I hoped he would be in a better mood.
  22. He nodded, his gaze wandering off in thought.
  23. No, she’s in her room having fun.
  24. I’m not claiming that we live in a perfect world.
  25. In some ways, however, waiting this long might have been advantageous.
  26. It’s no surprise he was upset in the stairwell.
  27. Alex and Dulce were standing in the foyer that evening.
  28. They were definitely expecting, as if they were in her womb.
  29. He lives on the outskirts of town.
  30. Carmen gave him a sidelong glance, but he was still deep in thought.
  31. It was going around in circles and looking at everything.
  32. In about 15 minutes, the roast will be ready.