20 Examples of Prepositions of Time in Sentences

Time is an important aspect of communication, and the way we describe moments in time can have a major impact on how our message is interpreted. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the common prepositions used to talk about time. We’ll provide twenty examples of prepositions of time, from the most basic to more complex applications. You’ll also get tips on how to use them correctly in different contexts.

What is the Preposition of Time?

A preposition of time is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and time. It helps us understand when something happened or will happen.

Common prepositions of time include “in,” “on,” “at,” “for,” “since,” “until,” “by,” and “during.” These prepositions are used to specify a particular time, date, duration, or period.

For example:

  • I have a meeting at 3 PM. (“at” specifies a particular time)
  • The concert is on Saturday. (“on” specifies a particular day)
  • We’ll be in London for two weeks. (“for” specifies a duration)
  • I’ve been studying English since January. (“since” specifies a starting point in time)
  • The project must be completed by Friday. (“by” specifies a deadline)
  • I like to read during my lunch break. (“during” specifies a period)

20 Examples of Prepositions of Time

  1. In the morning
  2. On Monday
  3. At noon
  4. In the afternoon
  5. On Tuesday afternoon
  6. At midnight
  7. In the evening
  8. On Wednesday evening
  9. At dawn
  10. In the spring
  11. On a sunny day
  12. At sunset
  13. In the summer
  14. On a cold winter night
  15. At the weekend
  16. In December
  17. On New Year’s Eve
  18. At Christmas
  19. In the future
  20. On Valentine’s Day

20 Examples of Prepositions of Time in Sentences

  1. I wake up early in the morning.
  2. We have a meeting on Monday.
  3. Let’s meet at noon.
  4. I usually take a nap in the afternoon.
  5. I have an appointment on Tuesday afternoon.
  6. The party ended at midnight.
  7. We can go out in the evening.
  8. Let’s have dinner together on Wednesday evening.
  9. The birds start singing at dawn.
  10. I love to take a walk in the spring.
  11. Let’s have a picnic on a sunny day.
  12. The sun sets at sunset.
  13. I like to swim in the summer.
  14. We can watch a movie on a cold winter night.
  15. I usually relax at the weekend.
  16. I love to celebrate Christmas in December.
  17. We’ll have a party on New Year’s Eve.
  18. We’ll exchange gifts at Christmas.
  19. I’m planning to travel in the future.
  20. Let’s have a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.


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Examples of Prepositions of Time in Sentences

20 Examples of Prepositions of Time

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