10 Examples of Preposition Of Source (Definition And Examples)

Prepositions of sources are an important part of English grammar, and mastering them can be the key to expressing yourself clearly. This article provides an overview of what prepositions of the source are, with a focus on 10 examples. We’ll cover each word in detail, including definitions and examples to help you understand how to use them correctly.

With this in-depth guide, you’ll have no problem understanding and using prepositions of source like a pro!

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What is the Preposition Of Source?

The “preposition of source” indicates the origin or starting point of something. Common prepositions of source include “from,” “out of,” “off,” “away from,” “out from,” “originating from,” “stemming from,” “springing from,” and “arising from,” among others.

For example:

  • The letter came from my aunt.
  • The water flowed out of the fountain.
  • She stepped off the train from New York.
  • He ran away from the building.
  • The smoke came out from the chimney.
  • The idea originated from the research findings.
  • The problem stems from a lack of communication.
  • The conflict arose from a misunderstanding.

10 Examples of Prepositions of Source

10 Examples of Prepositions of Source

Here are 10 examples of prepositions of source:

  1. From: I bought this book from the bookstore.
  2. By: This painting was created by Picasso.
  3. Out of: The sculpture was made out of clay.
  4. In: I found the answer in the book.
  5. Off: I got the paint off my hands with soap and water.
  6. Out: I took the cookies out of the oven.
  7. Through: The train passed through the tunnel.
  8. Via: I received the message via email.
  9. Originating in: The virus originated in China.
  10. At: I met her at the coffee shop.

Preposition Of Source Exercises With Answers

Here is a preposition of source exercise with answers, fill in the blank with the preposition of source to complete the sentence.

She received a gift __________ her friend.

Answer: from

The package came __________ the mail.

Answer: in

The flowers were picked __________ the garden.

Answer: from

The information was obtained __________ a reliable source.

Answer: from

The book was borrowed __________ the library.

Answer: from

The cake was made __________ scratch.

Answer: from

The letter was sent __________ my sister.

Answer: from

The news report was obtained __________ the internet.

Answer: from

The apple pie was made __________ fresh apples.

Answer: from

The scholarship was awarded __________ the university.

Answer: by