What Does Yams Mean In Rap? (Origin & Usage)

Exploring the colorful lexicon of rap, we often encounter unique terms that resonate with cultural and contextual significance. “Yams,” a term frequently heard in rap lyrics, offers a glimpse into the genre’s rich and evolving language. Let’s unpack its meaning, and origins, and see how it’s used in rap.

Yams Mean In Rap

In rap music, Yams often refers to illegal drugs, particularly cocaine or crack. The term can also extend to mean wealth or profit obtained from selling drugs. It’s a metaphorical use, comparing the white color of these drugs to the flesh of yams, a type of root vegetable.

Origin of Yams

“Yams” as slang in rap possibly originated from the Southern United States, a region where yams are a common food item. The metaphorical leap to associating “yams” with drugs likely comes from the similar appearance between the white flesh of yams and certain drugs. This term reflects the reality of drug culture and its influence on rap music and street vernacular.

Example Sentences Using Yams

  1. He made a fortune dealing with those Yams.
  2. In these streets, Yams mean power.
  3. She’s got connections to get the best Yams.
  4. His lyrics often reference the life of Yams.
  5. The game’s risky when you’re moving Yams.
  6. Got caught up in the world of Yams.
  7. Everyone knows he’s the king of Yams.
  8. That rap verse vividly depicts the Yams trade.
  9. He vowed to leave the Yams business behind.
  10. The Yams brought wealth, but also trouble.

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