30+ Unique Ways to Say Kiss Me

Unique Ways to Say Kiss Me!

1- Lips are waiting

2- Lean in close and kiss me

3- Plant one on me

4- Come here for a kiss

5- Kiss me senseless

6- Let’s lock lips

7- Make it a smooch

8- Let’s make out

9- Pucker up for me

10- I’m ready for your kiss

11- Mwah! Kisses for you

12- Lips to lips, let’s go!

13- Join our lips together

14- Won’t you kiss me goodnight?

15- Blowing kisses your way

16- Come here, I have a surprise

17- Give me a little buss

18- Take my lips for a spin

19- It’s time for some smooches!

20- Come and get it, if you want a kiss

21- Let’s do some lip exploration

22- Our lips have something to say

23- Lips are longing for each other

24- I’m ready to be kissed by you

25- Are those lips made for me?

26- Come give me a sweet one

27- Open wide for a smooch

28- How about a peck on the cheek?

29- Let’s lock lips and make sparks fly

30- Come closer, I have something for you… kiss!

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