20 Best Similes for Evil (With Meanings & Examples)

Evil, a concept as old as humanity, manifests in countless forms and shades. It’s a term that evokes darkness, fear, and often, the unknown. In this exploration, we delve into 20 similes that describe the multifaceted nature of evil, each painting a vivid picture of its essence and impact.

These linguistic tools help us understand and articulate the complex nature of evil in our world.

Similes for Evil

1. As Evil as a Shadow at Midnight

Meaning: Dark and ominous

Example: His intentions were as evil as a shadow at midnight, hidden and menacing.

2. Evil like a Serpent’s Whisper

Meaning: Deceptive and sly

Example: The rumors slithered through the crowd, evil like a serpent’s whisper, sowing distrust.

3. As Evil as a Storm-Black Sea

Meaning: Turbulent and destructive

Example: His anger was as evil as a storm-black sea, unpredictable and dangerous.

4. Evil like a Poisoned Apple

Meaning: Attractive but deadly

Example: The offer seemed tempting, evil like a poisoned apple, sweet yet fatal.

5. As Evil as a Wolf’s Howl

Meaning: Foreboding and primal

Example: The night air carried a sound, as evil as a wolf’s howl, chilling to the bone.

6. Evil like a Witch’s Curse

Meaning: Malicious and vengeful

Example: Her words were evil like a witch’s curse, spiteful and harmful.

7. As Evil as a Raven’s Omen

Meaning: Darkly prophetic

Example: The news arrived, as evil as a raven’s omen, foretelling doom.

8. Evil like a Thorned Rose

Meaning: Beautiful but harmful

Example: Her beauty was deceptive, evil like a thorned rose, alluring but dangerous.

9. As Evil as a Crypt’s Silence

Meaning: Deathly and eerie

Example: The abandoned house stood, as evil as a crypt’s silence, unsettling and grim.

10. Evil like a Scorpion’s Sting

Meaning: Painful and unexpected

Example: The betrayal felt, evil like a scorpion’s sting, sudden and agonizing.

11. As Evil as a Dark Spell

Meaning: Mysterious and powerful

Example: His influence spread, as evil as a dark spell, corrupting all it touched.

12. Evil like a Vampire’s Gaze

Meaning: Hypnotic and draining

Example: His charm was evil like a vampire’s gaze, captivating and lethal.

13. As Evil as a Midnight Chant

Meaning: Enchanting and foreboding

Example: The forest echoed, as evil as a midnight chant, full of unseen dangers.

14. Evil like a Phantom’s Touch

Meaning: Chilling and ghostly

Example: The cold feeling was evil like a phantom’s touch, sending shivers down the spine.

15. As Evil as a Dying Flame

Meaning: Fading but still dangerous

Example: His power was weakening, as evil as a dying flame, but still capable of harm.

16. Evil like a Spider’s Web

Meaning: Entrapping and deceitful

Example: The conspiracy was complex, evil like a spider’s web, ensnaring the unwary.

17. As Evil as a Forbidden Tome

Meaning: Forbidden and knowledgeable

Example: The secrets he held were as evil as a forbidden tome, dark and powerful.

18. Evil like a Stormcloud’s Promise

Meaning: Threatening and looming

Example: The atmosphere in the room was tense, evil like a stormcloud’s promise, ready to burst.

19. As Evil as a Demon’s Laugh

Meaning: Malicious and joyless

Example: The sound in the darkness was as evil as a demon’s laugh, cruel and heartless.

20. Evil like a Night Without Stars

Meaning: Hopeless and enveloping

Example: The despair was evil like a night without stars, oppressive and unending.


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