20 Best Similes for Emptiness (With Meanings & Examples)

Emptiness is a state often seen as a void, yet rich with subtle nuances and depth. It can be a canvas for reflection, a space for growth, or a moment of tranquil pause. Through these 20 similes, we explore the different facets of emptiness, shedding light on its often-overlooked complexity and beauty.

Similes for Emptiness

1. As Empty as a Forgotten Attic

Meaning: Abandoned and barren

Example: The room was as empty as a forgotten attic, echoes of the past lingering.

2. Hollow like an Echo in a Canyon

Meaning: Resonating and deep

Example: His words felt hollow like an echo in a canyon, lacking genuine emotion.

3. As Vacant as a Desert at Noon

Meaning: Desolate and expansive

Example: The streets were as vacant as a desert at noon, under the scorching sun.

4. Barren like a Tree in Winter

Meaning: Stripped and bare

Example: The landscape was barren like a tree in winter, devoid of life.

5. As Void as a Black Hole

Meaning: Unfathomably empty

Example: His heart felt as void as a black hole, after the loss.

6. Empty like a Bankrupt’s Purse

Meaning: Devoid and lacking

Example: The cupboard was empty like a bankrupt’s purse, with nothing left inside.

7. As Silent as an Abandoned Church

Meaning: Quiet and deserted

Example: The hall was as silent as an abandoned church, devoid of any sound.

8. Blank like a Clean Slate

Meaning: Unmarked and clear

Example: The page remained blank like a clean slate, waiting for words.

9. As Hollow as a Drained Well

Meaning: Emptied and exhausted

Example: His spirit felt as hollow as a drained well, lacking any enthusiasm.

10. Vacuous like a Popped Balloon

Meaning: Deflated and empty

Example: The party room was now vacuous like a popped balloon, the festivities over.

11. As Barren as a Salt Flat

Meaning: Stark and unyielding

Example: The conversation was as barren as a salt flat, devoid of any warmth.

12. Empty as a Bird’s Nest in Winter

Meaning: Forsaken and unoccupied

Example: The playground was empty as a bird’s nest in winter, without any children.

13. As Void as Space Between Stars

Meaning: Infinite and unfilled

Example: The distance between them felt as void as space between stars, vast and unbridgeable.

14. Hollow like a Carved Pumpkin

Meaning: Open and unoccupied

Example: The old house stood, hollow like a carved pumpkin, devoid of life.

15. As Blank as an Unwritten Book

Meaning: Potential and untouched

Example: His future was as blank as an unwritten book, full of possibilities.

16. Empty like a Theater after a Show

Meaning: Once full, now deserted

Example: The streets at dawn were empty like a theater after a show, quiet and still.

17. As Vacant as a Ghost Town

Meaning: Eerily deserted

Example: The village was as vacant as a ghost town, with no soul in sight.

18. Barren like a Burnt Field

Meaning: Destroyed and empty

Example: The land was barren like a burnt field, after the wildfire.

19. As Hollow as a Shell on the Beach

Meaning: Beautiful but empty

Example: Her smile was as hollow as a shell on the beach, pretty but lacking warmth.

20. Empty like a Drained Lake

Meaning: Depleted and barren

Example: His eyes were empty like a drained lake, once full of life, now lifeless.


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