30 School Supplies That Start With ‘X’

Exploring the realm of educational tools, the letter ‘X’ presents an extraordinary and exclusive array of supplies. Though not as prevalent as other letters, ‘X’ marks a spot of intriguing and specialized items in the educational landscape.

From the musical notes of xylophones to the precision of X-acto knives in art projects, each item brings its unique x-factor to learning environments.

Delve into the world of ‘X’ with these 30 school supplies, each highlighting the exciting and exceptional aspects of educational resources.

School Supplies That Start With ‘X’

  1. X-acto knives (for precise cutting in art projects)
  2. Xylophones (for music classes)
  3. Xylene (for chemistry experiments)
  4. X-ray view boxes (for biology or health education)
  5. X-height rulers (for graphic design and typography)
  6. Xylography tools (for woodblock printing)
  7. X-ray markers (for radiology training in advanced sciences)
  8. X-ray film (for educational purposes in science)
  9. XML textbooks (for computer science courses)
  10. XRF scanners (X-ray fluorescence, for advanced science classes)
  11. Xenon bulbs (for certain types of projectors)
  12. Xylophone mallets
  13. X-axis graph paper (for math and science)
  14. X-bar theory books (for linguistics studies)
  15. X-ray sheets (simulated for educational purposes)
  16. XOR gates (for computer science and electronics)
  17. Xiphoid process models (for anatomy classes)
  18. Xeroxing paper (for photocopying)
  19. Xeric plants (for botany studies)
  20. Xylophone music books
  21. Xerographic printers
  22. X-ray aprons (for protection in science labs)
  23. Xanthan gum (for chemistry and cooking classes)
  24. Xanadu colored pencils (for art projects)
  25. Xenobiology literature (for advanced biology studies)
  26. X-height calligraphy pens (for art classes)
  27. X-acto knife blades
  28. Xylophone sheet music
  29. X-ray clings (for educational window displays)
  30. X-ray posters (for health and science education)

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school supplies that start with x