Potato Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Welcome to our fun world of words! Today, we’re going to learn about some funny expressions that use the word “potato.” Let’s explore what they mean and see how they are used in sentences!

Potato Idioms

Here are some potato idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

1. Hot potato

Meaning: A controversial issue
Example: Handling this topic is like holding a hot potato.

2. Couch potato

Meaning: Someone lazy
Example: He’s turned into a real couch potato this summer.

3. Small potatoes

Meaning: Something insignificant
Example: Don’t worry, that problem is small potatoes.

4. Drop like a hot potato

Meaning: Abandon something quickly
Example: She dropped the idea like a hot potato.

5. Potato-faced

Meaning: Having a puffy, round face
Example: The little toddler was potato-faced and cute.

6. Mashed potato

Meaning: Messed up, confusing situation
Example: My plans for the weekend turned into mashed potato.

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