Mad Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Idioms are like secret codes or puzzles in language. They use everyday words to mean something completely different from what they actually say. This post explores some fun and quirky idioms that all have the word “mad” in them or relate to being “mad” in a playful way. Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, these expressions will help you understand how colorful language can be!

Mad Idioms

Here are 20 mad idioms in English.

1. Mad as a hatter

Meaning: Completely crazy
Example: He’s mad as a hatter, always inventing strange things!

2. Mad as a March hare

Meaning: Very silly or crazy
Example: Jumping in the pool with clothes on? Mad as a March hare!

3. Like a mad dog

Meaning: Extremely aggressive
Example: He came at me like a mad dog.

4. Mad about the boy

Meaning: Obsessed or infatuated
Example: She’s been mad about the boy next door.

5. Driving me mad

Meaning: Making someone extremely frustrated
Example: This puzzle is driving me mad!

6. Foaming at the mouth

Meaning: Extremely angry
Example: Dad was foaming at the mouth after he saw the broken window.

7. Hopping mad

Meaning: Very angry
Example: She was hopping mad when she lost her phone.

8. Mad money

Meaning: Money spent on fun things
Example: I saved some mad money for the trip.

9. Mad rush

Meaning: A hurried or frantic effort
Example: It was a mad rush to get to the airport on time.

10. Barking mad

Meaning: Completely insane
Example: He’s barking mad if he thinks I’ll agree.

11. Mad scientist

Meaning: Eccentric or unorthodox scientist
Example: He’s like a mad scientist in his lab!

12. Mad skills

Meaning: Exceptional abilities
Example: She has mad skills in coding.

13. Stark raving mad

Meaning: Utterly insane
Example: He went stark raving mad after the news.

14. Mad as a cut snake

Meaning: Very angry or crazy
Example: He was as mad as a cut snake when provoked.

15. Mad with power

Meaning: Corrupted by authority
Example: The dictator was mad with power.

16. Going mad

Meaning: Becoming insane
Example: I’m going mad with all this noise!

17. Mad about it

Meaning: Enthusiastic or passionate
Example: She’s mad about classical music.

18. Like mad

Meaning: Very quickly, frantically
Example: He worked like mad to finish on time.

19. Stark mad

Meaning: Completely crazy
Example: He’s gone stark mad, I tell you!

20. Mad king

Meaning: A ruler who is perceived as insane
Example: Tales of the mad king are still told in the village.

Mad Idioms