Top 10 Poems about Thanksgiving To God

Thanksgiving isn’t just a day of feasting; it’s a moment to express gratitude to the divine. These top 10 poems beautifully capture our heartfelt thanks to God, reminding us of the blessings we often take for granted. Dive into verses that eloquently honour the spirit of gratitude.

Poems about Thanksgiving To God

1. Graced Harvest

This poem paints a picture of a family around the Thanksgiving table, marvelling at God’s blessings as they reflect on the year. It expresses gratitude for the gifts of nature and the essence of family unity.

In the warmth of a home, we sit tight,

Blessed by God, bathed in light.

Golden harvest on the table lay,

Gratitude in our hearts, every day.


Seasons change, but His love remains,

Guiding us through joys and pains.

For the bounty, for laughter and tear,

Thanksgiving to God, we hold dear.


Hands held together, we bow and pray,

Thankful for blessings that come our way.

In unity, love, and God’s embrace,

We find our home, our special place.

2. Songs of Gratefulness

Evoking the rich tapestry of nature’s wonders, this poem reflects on how every aspect of the world around us sings a song of gratitude to God. It reminds us that the beauty of creation is a testament to God’s love.

Every leaf, every stone, every star,

Sings thanks to God, from near and far.

The rustling trees, the flowing streams,

Whisper gratitude in their silent dreams.


For azure skies and golden grain,

For gentle rains and moments sane.

For every gift that comes from above,

We echo nature’s song of love.


Mountain peaks and valleys deep,

In God’s embrace, they quietly sleep.

With grateful hearts, we join their song,

Thanking Him, all the day long.

3. Faithful Feast

Drawing parallels between spiritual nourishment and Thanksgiving feasting, this poem highlights how God’s teachings sustain us. It emphasizes the significance of spiritual gratitude amid life’s abundance.

The table set, the candles glow,

Feasts of love, in shadows throw.

Yet beyond the food that fills our plate,

Is God’s word, our soul’s true mate.


Bread of life, waters pure and clear,

Feed our souls, draw us near.

With every morsel, every sip,

We feel God’s touch, a gentle grip.


Gratitude is more than a festive cheer,

It’s a hymn to God, sincere and clear.

In our hearts, His love does feast,

At every Thanksgiving, and life’s least.

4. Gratitude’s Dance

Celebrating the simple joys that come with being grateful, this poem draws an image of gratitude as a dance. It embodies the rhythm of thanks that beats in every heart.

With every step, with every twirl,

Gratitude’s dance begins to unfurl.

Thankful hearts, in rhythm move,

In God’s grace, we find our groove.


Nature claps, oceans sway,

To the melody of thanks, we play.

Mountains echo, winds reply,

In harmonious gratitude, we fly.


Join the dance, lift your voice,

In God’s love, rejoice and rejoice.

For in gratitude, we find the chance,

To be part of this divine dance.

5. Hands Held High

This poem paints a visual of people coming together, raising their hands in unified gratitude. It’s an ode to communal thanksgiving, emphasizing collective love and appreciation.

Gathered together, under the sky so wide,

Hands held high, side by side.

From every corner, from every land,

We thank God, hand in hand.


Voices raised, in a chorus so sweet,

Gratitude’s song, in every heartbeat.

For love, for life, for days gone by,

To God, our thanks reach the sky.


In unity, our spirits soar,

Thankful today, and forevermore.

With hands held high, together we stand,

Blessed by God, in every strand.

Poems about Being Thankful To God

1. Eternal Gratitude

This poem highlights the unwavering nature of our thankfulness to God. It reminds us that regardless of life’s circumstances, there is always a reason to be grateful.

In the dawn’s embrace, in the night’s soft sigh,

In every moment, under the sky,

We find a reason, in joy or strife,

To thank You, God, for the gift of life.


When challenges mount, and shadows fall,

Your gentle whisper, we still recall.

For strength, for guidance, day by day,

Our gratitude, we wish to convey.


Life’s tapestry, woven with threads so fine,

Your love the constant, through every line.

In every stitch, in every fold,

Our thanks to You, God, manifold.

2. Heart’s Hymn

Emphasizing the melodious rhythm of gratitude, this poem portrays the heart as an instrument playing a continuous hymn of thankfulness to God.

In the heart’s silent chamber, a hymn plays on,

A song of thanks, from dusk till dawn.

For blessings seen, and those concealed,

To You, dear God, our thanks revealed.


Notes of gratitude, rise and fall,

Echoing in the soul’s grand hall.

For life’s small joys, for challenges too,

Our hearts hum thanks, ever true.


Every beat, every pulse, every sigh,

Is a note in our gratitude’s lullaby.

To the Maestro above, our song we send,

Thankful notes, without end.

3. Sheltered in Thanks

Focusing on the protective nature of God, this poem delves into the feeling of safety we derive from our faith. It portrays gratitude as a sanctuary, shielding us from life’s storms.

When storms rage, and winds blow fierce,

In gratitude, our fears we pierce.

For Your protection, Your loving hand,

We’re thankful, more than we can stand.


Under Your wings, safely we reside,

In gratefulness, our souls confide.

For every trial, every tear shed,

Thankful for the path we’re led.


The world may tremble, skies might gray,

But in thanks to You, we find our way.

Our anchor, our shield, our guiding star,

Thankful, God, for all You are.

4. Whispered Thanks

Exploring the subtle, everyday moments of gratitude, this poem emphasizes that even the quietest whisper of thanks can have profound resonance with God.

In the rustle of leaves, in a child’s soft gaze,

In quiet moments, and sunny days,

A whisper of thanks, silently grows,

To You, dear God, our gratitude flows.


Not always loud, not always clear,

Yet, in our hearts, You’re always near.

For whispered blessings, for silent prayers,

We thank You, God, in layers.


Each gentle nudge, each guiding sign,

Affirms Your love, forever entwined.

In muted tones, our thanks we raise,

Grateful hearts, in endless praise.

5. The Tapestry of Thanks

Drawing upon the imagery of a beautifully woven tapestry, this poem expresses gratitude for the intricately designed patterns of our lives. Every thread represents a blessing from God.

Life’s tapestry, rich and grand,

Stitched by God’s own gentle hand.

Each thread of joy, each strand of pain,

Is a cause for thanks, again and again.


Colors blend, patterns form,

Through calm blue skies, or raging storm.

For every weave, every line,

We thank You, God, for the design.


Bound by threads of gratitude tight,

Our lives shine, in Your radiant light.

The tapestry complete, story told,

In thanks to You, our hearts unfold.

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