10 Most Funny Poems About Thanksgiving

Dive into a world where turkeys wobble and pies vanish, as we serve up a feast of laughter with our top ten funny Thanksgiving poems! Get ready to gobble up humour and relish poetic wit, perfect for lightening up your festive spirit. Join the fun-filled poetic banquet ahead!

Funny Poems About Thanksgiving

1. Turkey’s Great Escape

Before serving up a traditional Thanksgiving feast, imagine if the turkey had other plans. This whimsical poem tells a tale of a turkey’s attempt at freedom.

In a barn, Tom Turkey lay,

Dreaming of freedom on Thanksgiving Day.

He hatched a plan, quite slick and neat,

To avoid becoming a festive treat.


He donned sunglasses, a hat so neat,

Snuck past the farmer on silent feet.

Into the town, he went with glee,

Thinking, “This year, they won’t have me!”


But in a diner, to his dismay,

Turkey sandwiches were on display.

“Perhaps,” Tom thought, “it’s best to roam,”

“And find a wild place to call home.”

2. The Pumpkin Pie’s Demise

Pumpkins shine bright in the autumn light, only to be baked into pies. This poem brings humor to the pumpkin’s fate as it transforms from patch to plate.

Once a pumpkin, proud and bright,

Now mixed in a bowl, out of sight.

Baked and spiced, with love and care,

Soon to be eaten, leaving the plate bare.


Families gather, eyes open wide,

“Who made the pie?” they all cried.

Mom took a bow, with a sly little sigh,

“It’s my secret recipe,” was her reply.


Little did they know, inside the pie,

Was a pumpkin’s spirit, reaching the sky.

“Eat and enjoy, don’t feel so dire,”

“For in sweet tastes, I did aspire.”

3. Cranberry Confusion

Cranberries, the unsung heroes of Thanksgiving feasts. But what happens when they want more than just a saucy role? This poem explores their ambitions.

Cranberries sat in the bog, dreaming big,

Not wanting to be just a tangy twig.

“Maybe a drink, or a jelly delight,”

“Anything but sauce, that seems so trite.”


They tried being candy, even a pie,

But folks only wanted their turkey thigh.

“Why can’t they see, we want to be more,”

“Than just a sauce, they always ignore?”


Yet in the end, they took their place,

Beside the turkey, with humble grace.

“Though our role may seem quite small,”

“We’re a Thanksgiving staple, loved by all.”

4. The Grateful Plate

Thanksgiving is about gratitude and food. This light poem delves into the thoughts of an overfilled plate, grateful for its bounty.

On the table, the plate did sit,

Piled so high, every little bit.

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans,

Its porcelain shine barely seen.


“Thank you,” said the plate, with a grin,

“For filling me up to the very brim.”

But as forks descended, it began to plea,

“Perhaps not the gravy, it’s too much for me!”


The dinner ended, the plate was cleaned,

Its gratitude genuine, not just routine.

“Till next year,” it sighed with a smile so sweet,

“When again, food and gratitude will meet.”

5. Cornucopia of Comedy

The horn of plenty, overflowing with harvest. But what if the vegetables inside had a comedic side? This poem portrays their amusing tales.

In the cornucopia, veggies did lay,

Whispering jokes, to pass the day.

“Why did the tomato turn so red?”

“Because it saw the salad spread!”


The carrot chimed in, orange and sleek,

“I’ve got a punchline, that’s truly unique.”

“Why did the lettuce pray in the bed?”

“It wanted to be Caesar’s salad,” it said.


As the feast began, they all did cheer,

Spreading their humor, far and near.

Though they’d be eaten, they didn’t mope,

For they knew laughter was the true hope.

Humorous thanksgiving poems

1. Tofu’s Thanksgiving Dream

Ever wondered what tofu would think about replacing turkey? Dive into this amusing narrative, where tofu daydreams of being the Thanksgiving star.

In a fridge, tofu took a snooze,

Dreaming of headlines it’d make in the news.

“Tofu Triumphs! Turkey’s Past!”

“Vegetarians cheer, a hero at last!”


But on the table, it sat so plain,

Beside the turkey, causing disdain.

It sighed and thought, “Next year, you’ll see,”

“I’ll be the main, just wait and me.”


Though overshadowed, its hopes were high,

One day, it’d be the main supply.

Until that moment, it’d remain sublime,

Patiently waiting for its prime time.

2. The Mismatched Cutlery Affair

Amid the perfect Thanksgiving setup, what if your cutlery decided to stir things up? Here’s a light-hearted tale of forks and knives and their festive jives.

Forks and knives, in a drawer did stay,

Planning pranks for Thanksgiving Day.

“Let’s switch the places,” the fork did jest,

“Leave the humans in a quest!”


As diners reached, their brows did furrow,

Their cutlery setup led to sorrow.

Soup with a knife, pie with a spoon,

Chaos reigned under the noon.


At dinner’s end, amidst the laughter,

The cutlery’s aim was achieved thereafter.

For in the chaos, folks came to see,

The joy of a meal is the company.

3. The Gravy Boat Voyage

Journey with a gravy boat, as it sails through mashed potato mountains and stuffing forests. This poem captures the adventures of a seemingly ordinary dish.

The gravy boat set sail that night,

Through mashed mountains, oh what a sight!

Its goal was clear, reach every plate,

Before the turkey met its fate.


Sailing past stuffing trees, so tall,

Dodging cranberries, having a ball.

It whispered tales of far-off lands,

Of buttery deserts and golden sands.


As dinner concluded, its journey complete,

The gravy boat rested, feeling so neat.

Though just a dish, it felt so grand,

For it had voyaged the Thanksgiving land.

Funny Thanksgiving Poems for Adults

1. Wine and Whines

At every Thanksgiving, adults find solace in a bottle of wine, especially when the conversation takes unexpected turns. This poem humorously captures those moments.

At the table, a bottle stood tall,

Guardian of secrets, witness to all.

As Aunt Mabel discussed her new beau,

Dad refilled his glass, to go with the flow.


Cousin Jake announced, “I’m vegan now,”

Grandma’s face crinkled, “Oh, dear… how?”

Mom sipped her Chardonnay, trying to be cool,

Wishing she could enforce a no-news rule.


As dinner ended, the wine was our friend,

Helping us navigate each awkward bend.

Thankful for vino, our silent ally,

Guiding us through every oh-my!

2. The Black Friday Strategist

Black Friday can overshadow the festive mood. This poem pokes fun at the avid shopper who plans more for sales than the feast itself.

While we feasted on turkey and pie,

Uncle Bob had that gleam in his eye.

His mind on deals, and big screen TVs,

Counting the minutes till he could flee.


With maps and ads, spread all around,

He plotted his route, store by store, bound.

“I’ll start with tech, then shoes, then toys,”

“Avoiding the rush and all the noise.”


We chuckled and teased, “All the best, dear scout!”

“May your cart be full, before items run out!”

Though Thanksgiving was grand, in his review,

Black Friday’s deals were his main debut.

3. Gobble ‘Til You Wobble

A light-hearted look at the adults who promise moderation, but always end up overindulging during the Thanksgiving feast.

Every year, Aunt Lisa proclaims,

“I’ll eat less!”, as she exclaims.

But one look at the pie, she’d relent,

Her willpower easily bent.


Uncle Ray boasted of his diet spree,

But faced with stuffing, he’d plea for three.

His plate piled high, beyond all reason,

Promising, “I’ll start the diet next season!”


As dishes emptied and bellies did swell,

Stories of overeating, they all did tell.

Laughing, groaning, in chairs they’d flop,

Proving Thanksgiving’s a feast you can’t stop.

Funny Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

1. Mr. Potato’s Silly Face

Mr. Potato has a special place on the table, but what if he decided to entertain the little ones? Dive into this humorous tale of a potato’s funny face antics.

Mr. Potato sat so smug,

Carved a smile, gave a shrug.

“I’ll be the funniest dish today,”

“With my silly face, come what may!”


Kids giggled as they passed him by,

Seeing a spud wink his eye.

With carrot ears and pea-made nose,

He looked like he’d strike a pose.


Though mashed and buttered, in the end,

He left memories with every friend.

Mr. Potato, with his funny flair,

Brought chuckles to the Thanksgiving chair.

2. The Great Pie Spy

Little Timmy’s mission was clear: sneak as many pie slices as he could. Join this tiny detective in his covert pie operations.

Timmy tiptoed, eyes on the prize,

Dreaming of cherry, apple, and pies.

“I’ll be the greatest pie spy,” he said,

“Sneaking a slice before bedtime’s ahead.”


Under the table, he made his base,

Whipping cream on his tiny face.

But with every mission, a slip or slide,

His pie-filled trail he couldn’t hide.


Mom found him, with pie in his grip,

Both of them sharing a little trip.

“One slice is enough,” she’d decree,

“Or you’ll dream of pies, as round as thee!”

3. Jive Turkey Trot

Every Thanksgiving, turkeys are the talk of the town. But in this poem, a turkey decided to show off its dance moves!

In the yard, Tommy Turkey stood,

Feeling the beat, as a turkey should.

“Before I’m roasted, I’ll have my shot,”

“Showing my moves, the turkey trot!”


Kids watched in awe, as he danced away,

Flapping his wings, keeping gloom at bay.

Twisting and turning, with a hop and a skip,

This turkey’s groove was totally hip.


When dinner was served, on plates he lay,

But his jive spirit, brightened the day.

Remembering the trot, kids would often say,

“He danced in our hearts, in a special way.”

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