10 Best Short Poems About King

Dive into the majestic world of royalty with these 10 short poems about kings. From their regal bearing to the weight of their crowns, each verse captures the essence, challenges, and allure of monarchy. Let poetry transport you to palaces of yore and the hearts of rulers past.

Short Poems About King

1. The Weight of the Crown

This poem explores the heavy responsibilities that come with being a king. It delves into the idea that the crown, while glamorous, also carries a weight of duty and obligation.

A crown of gold sits on his head,

A sign of glory, or so they said.

Yet within each gem and woven thread,

Lies the weight of choices, love and dread.


His subjects cheer, their voices soar,

For wealth and peace, who could ask for more?

But silent cries in corridors,

Whisper burdens that he bore.


As king, he stands, both stern and grand,

A leader of this prosperous land.

But hidden ‘neath his regal hand,

Are lines of stress, few understand.

2. The Lonely Throne

This poem depicts the solitude and isolation a king may feel, despite being surrounded by his subjects and courtiers. The king’s loneliness stems from the challenge of finding true companionship when he holds so much power.

He sits alone, upon his throne,

In opulent halls, he calls his own.

But deep within his heart of stone,

He finds himself truly alone.


The courtiers bow, the jesters play,

A scene rehearsed, day by day.

Yet, at the end, they all will say,

The king’s alone, come what may.


Though draped in silk, his spirit’s bare,

No true confidant, his thoughts to share.

A lonely throne, does none compare,

To the solitude a king must bear.

3. The Aging Monarch

This poem considers the passage of time and how an aging king must come to terms with his own mortality. As he ages, the king grapples with the legacy he will leave behind.

Years have passed, his reign so long,

Filled with battles, right and wrong.

But now his step’s not quite as strong,

He wonders where he does belong.


The mirror shows a tired gaze,

A chronicle of bygone days.

He contemplates the end of plays,

And prays for grace in twilight’s haze.


In wisdom’s light, he seeks to find,

A legacy to leave behind.

For crowns will pass to humankind,

But love and deeds are ties that bind.

4. The Warrior King

This poem celebrates a king renowned for his bravery and martial prowess. The Warrior King is both feared and respected, a symbol of strength who protects his realm.

A sword in hand, a shield at side,

The Warrior King does not hide.

In battles fought, and stories wide,

His name in history, well-described.


He rides ahead, no fear to show,

Against the dark and looming foe.

His courage serves to overthrow,

The terrors that his people know.


Yet, even warriors need to rest,

Behind the walls, they’ve built the best.

For strength is not the only test,

The king must love, to rule the nest.

5. The King’s Dream

The final poem deals with the king’s aspirations for his realm and his people. He dreams of a utopia where peace and prosperity reign, aware that the journey to reach it is long and arduous.

A dream he has, each restless night,

A kingdom bathed in love and light.

Where fields are green, and hearts are bright,

A distant hope, yet still in sight.


He plans, he acts, he takes the lead,

Sows wisdom like a farmer’s seed.

And hopes his subjects too will heed,

The call for love, to end all greed.


His dream may seem a lofty thing,

A vision fit for only king.

But dreams take flight on common wing,

A better world, together, bring.

Short Poems About King

Poems About King Of England

1. The Tudor Rose

This poem paints a picture of the iconic King Henry VIII, known for his tumultuous reign and multiple marriages. The “Tudor Rose” symbolizes the union of the Houses of Lancaster and York, ending the Wars of the Roses.

Henry reigned with iron might,

Changing queens as day to night,

Yet beneath the grandeur’s height,

Lies a tale of family’s fight.


Wars of Roses, red and white,

Tudor Rose brought end to spite,

Uniting realms with shared insight,

Peace and power took their flight.


A king of legend, tales and lore,

His legacy, forevermore,

Through time, his stories we explore,

The Tudor age, its depth and core.

2. The Lionheart’s Roar

This poem is dedicated to Richard I of England, commonly known as Richard the Lionheart. Celebrated for his bravery and chivalry, he became a legendary figure in English folklore.

In Crusader’s armor, gleaming bright,

Richard rode, a valiant knight,

A lion’s heart, fierce in fight,

Defending realm with all his might.


From Holy Lands to England’s shore,

His reputation soared evermore,

Loyalty and honor, at the core,

The Lionheart’s legend, forevermore.


Yet, beyond battles, kings must rule,

With wisdom, grace, and reason’s tool,

For in the heart of every jewel,

Are facets of both calm and cruel.

3. Elizabeth’s Golden Age

This poem focuses on Queen Elizabeth I, the last of the Tudor monarchs. Her reign witnessed a cultural renaissance, with advancements in art, literature, and exploration.

A virgin queen, her throne she took,

With steely gaze and learned look,

Around her, England’s Golden Book,

Of tales and triumphs undertook.


Shakespeare wrote, explorers sailed,

With her guidance, England hailed,

As a beacon, never paled,

In art and lore, she prevailed.


Majestic reign, both long and wise,

Underneath the English skies,

Elizabeth’s era, a grand prize,

In history’s pages, forever lies.

Poems About King Of England

King And Queen Love Poems

1. Royal Embrace

This poem narrates the profound love shared between a king and queen, illustrating how even in the grandeur of palaces, true love remains the most precious treasure.

In halls of gold, where stories unfold,

A king and queen, their love retold.

Beyond the jewels, and crowns of age,

Lies a heart’s tale, on history’s page.


Together they stand, ruling the land,

But it’s in silent moments, hand in hand,

That love speaks loudest, in whispered words,

Like the gentle songs of morning birds.


For kingdoms rise and empires fall,

Yet love remains the crown of all.

In royal embrace, they find their grace,

Two souls as one, time won’t erase.

2. Sovereign Hearts

In this poem, the emphasis is on the sacrifices and choices a king and queen make for their realm, all while maintaining a steadfast love for one another, proving love’s eternal reign.

He, a king of power and might,

She, a queen, radiant in light,

Yet beyond duty’s constant call,

Their love stands firm, above it all.


In hushed nights, ‘neath starry skies,

They share dreams, with intertwined ties.

Despite the weight of crowns they wear,

Their hearts find solace, in love’s rare air.


For in the dance of throne and fate,

Love’s the anchor, never too late.

Sovereign hearts, together they beat,

Making their tale, truly complete.

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