10 Best Funny Poems about Scattering Ashes

Discover the lighter side of farewells with our collection of the 10 best funny poems about scattering ashes. Embrace humor in remembrance and find a chuckle amidst the tears as you journey through these heartwarming verses.

Best Funny Poems about Scattering Ashes

1. Windswept Surprise

This poem captures the comical mishaps that can occur when scattering ashes. The wind can play tricks, bringing unexpected results and light-hearted moments.

A gentle breeze, the setting just right,

Scattering ashes, a heartfelt rite.

But who could guess, the wind’s little jest,

Brought grandpa back, to my white shirted chest.


Here on the cliff, with the view so grand,

I wanted it perfect, just as we planned.

Yet nature’s humor, ever so sly,

Turns solemn moments, into a pie in the eye.


Laughing aloud, to the skies I shout,

In funny farewells, love’s all about.

For memories, both sweet and askew,

Remind me daily, grandpa, of you.

2. Sneezing Send-off

This piece talks about the humorous side of an unexpected sneeze during an ash scattering ceremony. It’s a light way of remembering that sometimes, it’s the little unplanned moments that become the most memorable.

Tiptoeing close, jar in my hand,

On the beach, with its golden sand.

Then suddenly, a sneeze broke free,

Oops! Grandmother’s back, all over me.


Whispers and giggles, broke the air,

As I stood there, in stark despair.

Yet, amidst the chaos, I felt a tug,

A humor so infectious, a heartfelt hug.


In times of grief, humor may peek,

In sneezes, stumbles or a creek.

With every chuckle, and loving tease,

Grandmother’s spirit, is in that breeze.

3. Floating Fail

The intention to scatter ashes across a water body can sometimes take a surprising turn. This poem chuckles at the way intentions don’t always match outcomes.

I brought a boat, for a lake’s sweet sail,

To scatter ashes, without any fail.

But the urn, it seemed, had a leaky bend,

And half-way through, our trip did end.


Bobbing around, in water so deep,

The ashes floated, causing a heap.

Fish swam by, a curious sight,

As granddad decided, to take a light flight.


In twists and turns, life can be strange,

Yet love remains, beyond any range.

Even if plans, take a little tailspin,

In laughter and love, our souls always win.

4. Granny’s Garden Party

Planting ashes can be a beautiful tribute, but sometimes, nature has its own plans. This poem jests at the unexpected sprouts resulting from such an endeavor.

In the backyard, a ceremony began,

To honor granny, as best as we can.

Buried her ashes, next to her rose,

Then daisies sprung up, from her toes!


Baffled and amused, we looked around,

Nature’s humor, so profound.

With every flower, that now did sprout,

Granny’s laughter, there’s no doubt.


Though she’s gone, her spirit remains,

In every petal, and gentle rains.

In quirky reminders, nature imparts,

Granny still blooms, in all of our hearts.

5. The Birdy Bomb

Birds can be unpredictable, just like life. This poem is a humorous nod to a bird’s unexpected participation during an ash scattering ceremony.

On the hilltop, with skies so blue,

To bid farewell, our hearts anew.

As we scattered, the ashes did fly,

A pigeon swooped down, oh my, oh my!


With a flutter and squawk, ashes went astray,

On the bird’s wings, they did lay.

Up and away, it took a part,

Of uncle Joe, with a cheeky start.


Though not as planned, on that sunny day,

Nature’s jest, came into play.

For every chuckle, and tear we drop,

Love and memories, they never stop.

6. Beachy Bungle

A beach setting can be serene and peaceful, but sometimes, our intentions might clash with the playful waves. This poem captures such a funny incident.

On the shoreline, waves did crash,

With solemn intent, began the ash.

But a rogue wave, tall and spry,

Swept them back, oh me, oh my!


Now in wet shoes, and sandy toes,

Laughter bubbled, amidst our woes.

For in every swirl, and ocean’s dance,

Grandma seemed to prance and prance.


Though unexpected, the sea’s embrace,

Reminded us of her loving grace.

In every splash, and sunlit gleam,

Grandma’s laughter, in every dream.

7. Picnic with the Past

Ever thought of making ash scattering a picnic event? This poem jests at the idea of combining memories, sandwiches, and a sprinkle of the past.

A picnic blanket, sandwiches stacked high,

Beneath the vast, azure sky.

In between bites, and sips of tea,

We sprinkled dad, near the old oak tree.


A gust of wind, and a flap of the cloth,

Dad’s in our sandwiches, oh by gosh!

With a chuckle and sigh, we did exclaim,

In memories and meals, he’s still in the game.


In unexpected places, love does persist,

In sandwich bites, and morning mist.

For in every chuckle, and memory cast,

Our love for dad, forever will last.

8. The Hiker’s Hiccup

Mountain hikes can offer spectacular views for scattering ashes. But sometimes, the journey can have its funny moments. This poem captures such an episode.

Up the mountain, we did tread,

With heavy hearts, but steps light as thread.

At the peak, with the world so vast,

We opened the urn, but oh, what a blast!


A misstep here, a stumble there,

The ashes flew, everywhere.

In our hair, and on our face,

Dad’s final hike, became a funny race.


Though not perfect, we came to find,

In laughter and hiccups, love’s intertwined.

For atop that peak, and every place,

Dad’s spirit lingers, with grace and grace.

9. Biker’s Balad

Imagine the wind on a biker’s journey playing a trick during the final ride. This poem narrates a humorous scenario during a bike ride in honor of a departed soul.

On his Harley, one last ride,

For old uncle Sam, by our side.

Ashes in hand, roaring machine,

The highway ahead, so pristine.


As we revved and roared, the urn did shake,

Ashes swirled around, in our wake.

Goggles and leather, now speckled and gray,

Uncle Sam’s joyride, leading the way.


Though unexpected, the road’s twist and turn,

Reminded us of life’s lessons to learn.

With throttle and laughter, journey’s end we near,

Uncle Sam rides on, his spirit ever clear.

10. The Sneaky Squirrel

A serene forest setting becomes a backdrop for a humorous encounter with a curious squirrel. This poem finds humor in the unexpected ways wildlife might participate in our human rituals.

In the forest, where trees stand tall,

To scatter mom’s ashes, we did all.

With whispers of leaves, and sunlight’s gleam,

A squirrel approached, curious it seemed.


It snatched the urn, with a quick little dart,

Running up a tree, with a lively start.

With acorns and ashes, it did play,

Mom’s forest farewell, in a unique way.


Nature’s creatures, so wild and free,

Remind us of life’s spontaneity.

In laughter and moments, both big and small,

Mom’s spirit lives on, in the heart of all.

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