11 Short & Funny Poems For Grandchildren From Grandparents

Grandparents have a unique way of bringing laughter and warmth into our lives. Dive into this delightful collection of 11 short and funny poems penned by grandparents for their cherished grandchildren. Let’s celebrate the whimsical bond that skips a generation and fills our hearts with joy!

Funny Poems About Grandchildren’s

1. Mischief in Their Eyes

Little ones with sparkling eyes, full of wonder and sweet surprise. This poem is a tribute to the playful spirit and mischievous antics that grandchildren bring into our lives.

Mischief hides in twinkling eyes,

Tiptoe pranks, cookie jar spies.

Little feet that run amok,

Tales of toys and trucks that’re stuck.


Hide and seek, they never tire,

Imaginary tales, dreams soar higher.

In their world, dragons are slain,

By knights in shining armor, again and again.


Every visit, a new story to tell,

Of grand adventures, in which they fell.

My little wonders, oh how they shine,

These playful grandchildren of mine.

2. Cookies, Crumbs, and Little Thumbs

Grandchildren and cookies, a delightful mix. This poem is an ode to the sweet moments shared, crumbs scattered, and the little hands that always seem to find the cookie jar.

Tiny hands in the cookie tin,

With a cheeky, chocolatey grin.

One by one, they disappear,

Grandma’s cookies, oh so dear!


Crumbs on the couch, crumbs on the floor,

But those little faces, who could ignore?

“I didn’t do it!” they proudly claim,

With cookie smeared faces, free of blame.


The jar’s now empty, not a cookie in sight,

But their laughter fills the house, pure delight.

Those little thumbs, and cookie crumb bums,

With them, every day hums.

3. Bedtime Battles and Starry Nights

When the sun sets, and the stars twinkle, the bedtime battles begin. This poem reminisces about the endless stories, midnight giggles, and the magic of nights spent with grandchildren.

The moon’s up high, it’s bedtime you see,

But little ones protest, “Not sleepy, not me!”

Pajamas on backward, a teddy in tow,

They’re ready for one more story, just one more show.


Whispers under covers, secrets to share,

Midnight giggles, feet in the air.

Dreams filled with magic, flights so high,

Under a canopy of the starry sky.


Morning’s first light, they’re still fast asleep,

Dreaming of adventures, in worlds so deep.

With them, nights are never quite right,

Filled with stories, stars, and pure delight.

4. The Grand Tech Tales

In this digital age, even the youngest seem tech-savvy. This poem chuckles at the moments when grandchildren become the tech gurus, teaching their grandparents a thing or two.

My phone beeped, and I gave a sigh,

My grandkid said, “Let me try!”

In a moment, it’s all fixed and done,

“They’re easy,” he said, “and quite fun!”


Swipe here, click there, tap and slide,

He’s my tech guide, always by my side.

Apps and games, so much to explore,

With him, there’s always more in store.


I once taught him to tie his shoe,

Now he shows me what technology can do.

With every beep, buzz, and ringtone’s tale,

He’s there, helping without fail.

5. Grandpa’s Tales and Fairytales

Grandpas have stories, tales of old and new. This poem is about the magic of those stories, retold with a twinkle in the eye, especially for their eager listeners.

Grandpa starts, “When I was small,”

Eyes wide, they listen to all.

Tales of adventures, far and near,

Some bring laughter, some a tear.


Dragons, castles, and treasures to find,

With grandpa’s tales, they travel in time.

Each story told, an enchanting dance,

Caught in the spell, in a magical trance.


The world outside may change and spin,

But grandpa’s tales, they pull them in.

Through every fable, myth, and fairytale,

Grandpa’s love for them never grows stale.

Funny Poems About Grandchildren

Short Poems for Granddaughter

1. Sunflower in Bloom

For a granddaughter who brings sunshine even on the gloomiest days, this poem captures the essence of her radiant spirit and her journey to blossoming.

In the garden, amidst the green,

A sunflower rises, proud and keen.

With every sunrise, more she grows,

How bright she’ll shine, nobody knows.


Golden petals, facing the sun,

Dancing lightly, having fun.

To the sky, she stretches tall,

Catching raindrops, never letting them fall.


My granddaughter, my sunflower so bright,

In life’s garden, you’re pure delight.

With every challenge, every room,

You bloom and bloom, sunflower in bloom.

2. Starlight Dreams

Every granddaughter has dreams as vast as the sky. This poem is about those dreams, twinkling in her eyes, guiding her to her destiny.

Night’s blanket, sprinkled with gleam,

My granddaughter’s eyes, full of dream.

Twinkling stars, in heavens far,

Mirror the dreams, of my little star.


She dreams big, reaching the sky,

With wings of hope, she’ll surely fly.

For every star, a wish she makes,

Braving storms, for her dreams, she stakes.


Amongst the cosmos, vast and deep,

Her dreams and stars, a promise to keep.

For in their twinkle, shines a theme,

My granddaughter’s boundless starlight dream.

3. Echoes of the Past

History has a way of echoing in the present. This poem is for a granddaughter, who reminds us of days gone by, blending the past’s charm with today’s vigor.

In your laughter, I hear a song,

Echoes of days, long gone long.

Old tales, memories cast,

In you, they find a contrast.


A skip, a twirl, just like before,

Yet with a spark, a zest, and so much more.

The past’s charm, with today’s might,

Blended together, oh, what a sight!


My granddaughter, in you I see,

Echoes of the past, and what’s yet to be.

Through time’s river, so vast and vast,

You carry the present, and shadows of the past.

Poems for Granddaughter

Short Poems for Grandson

1. Young Voyager

Every young boy is an adventurer at heart, with dreams as vast as oceans. This poem is an ode to a grandson’s boundless spirit, always eager to explore the horizons.

Sails set high, on dreams’ vast sea,

My grandson, the voyager, wild and free.

Chasing horizons, where sky meets blue,

Finding treasures, both old and new.


Waves may challenge, storms may test,

But his spirit undaunted, among the best.

With courage in heart, and wind in his sail,

No quest too big, no dream too frail.


From shore to shore, as stories unfold,

Of a young mariner, brave and bold.

His journey’s just started, with much to see,

My grandson, the voyager, forever will be.

2. Footprints of Tomorrow

Every step a young boy takes leads him to his destiny. This poem celebrates a grandson’s journey, as he leaves behind footprints for the future, shaped by hope and aspirations.

Tiny footsteps on life’s sandy shore,

My grandson’s journey, legends galore.

With every stride, he marks his way,

Crafting tales for another day.


Dreams in eyes, hope in his grip,

Onwards he goes, never to slip.

Mapping futures, building his lore,

With footprints that promise so much more.


From the mountains high to valleys low,

He’ll leave his mark wherever he’ll go.

For in each step, in each hollow,

Are my grandson’s footprints of tomorrow.

3. Keeper of Dreams

With a heart full of dreams and aspirations, every young boy holds the future. This poem celebrates a grandson as the keeper of dreams, weaving a tapestry of hope and ambition.

In his hands, dreams tightly clenched,

By aspirations and hopes, he’s drenched.

Keeper of dreams, my grandson stands tall,

Ready to answer life’s every call.


With a palette of colors, vibrant and bright,

He paints futures, bathed in light.

For every challenge, every stream,

He’s equipped with a heart full of dream.


Galaxies afar, stars yet to gleam,

In his embrace, they softly beam.

For in this young lad, dreams team and teem,

My grandson, the guardian of the dream.

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