10 Short & Funny Poems About Pennies

Dive into a whimsical world where pennies spark laughter and jest! These 10 short and funny poems about pennies will tickle your funny bone and might even have you checking your pockets. Who knew such small change could inspire so much mirth? Enjoy the light-hearted verses ahead!

Short Poems About Pennies

1. The Penny’s Dream

Before a penny finds its way into your hand or on the street, it might just have a dream of its own. This poem explores the aspirations of a humble penny, seeking more than its copper fate.

In the heart of a pocket, it lay,

Wishing to be more than cents one day,

Dreaming of gold, a coin so grand,

Hoping to join the golden band.


But stuck with copper, shiny and neat,

Amongst old receipts and candy, it’d greet,

Yet in its shine, a spirit would gleam,

Believing in more than a copper dream.


For every penny holds a tale,

Of dreams that soar, or sometimes fail,

But remember, even as it seems tiny,

There’s a universe within a penny.

2. Penny’s Day Out

Every penny has a story, and every journey is unique. This poem follows a penny as it embarks on an unexpected day out, revealing the adventures a penny can have.

From a child’s hand to a wishing well,

Penny made a splash, stories to tell,

Floating down, with wishes it’d meet,

A silent observer, its journey so sweet.


Then picked by a crow, to the sky it soared,

Dropped on a rooftop, adventures galore,

The wind then nudged, a slide it took,

Into a rain gutter, with every nook.


Found by a man, fixing his roof tight,

Back in a pocket, snug for the night,

Such was the day, of our penny devout,

Oh, the tales of a penny’s day out.

3. Penny Thoughts

Often overlooked, pennies hold value beyond their monetary worth. This poem delves into the reflective thoughts one might have while gazing upon a simple penny.

In my palm, a penny lies,

Tiny, yet tales of ages comprise,

Memories of hands, places it’s been,

A silent witness, to all it has seen.


It’s seen joy, and sometimes despair,

From wealthy pockets to those quite bare,

Yet its value, not always in trade,

But the memories with every cascade.


In its shimmer, reflections I see,

Of time, of life, and history’s decree,

A simple coin, yet profound thoughts it lends,

For in every penny, a universe bends.

4. Penny for Your Secrets

There’s a whimsical belief that pennies carry secrets from all the pockets they’ve been in. This poem imagines a penny as a keeper of hushed tales and whispered confessions.

Oh penny, with secrets so deep,

From pockets to purses, secrets you keep,

Of whispered confessions, dreams yet untold,

You shimmer in copper, stories of old.


In the crevice of a couch, you once lay,

Hearing lovers’ promises, come what may,

Or in a piggy bank, with childhood dreams,

You’ve seen hopes soar, and silent screams.


Keeper of tales, in your gleam so slight,

I wonder, oh penny, what’s your secret tonight?

Held tight in my hand, I’ll never pry,

For some secrets are meant to fly.

5. The Penny and The Dollar

In a world where value is often equated with size and worth, this poem contrasts the penny with the dollar, reflecting on their unique roles and perspectives.

Beside a grand dollar, a penny stood small,

Yet, both had tales, adventures to recall,

While the dollar boasted of luxury and fame,

The penny whispered of a different game.


“Many hands I’ve touched,” said the penny with glee,

“From tiny tots to the old, you see,

While you, dear dollar, in wallets you stay,

I’ve seen life in every possible way.”


The dollar glistened, its value so high,

Yet the penny shone with a twinkle in its eye,

For though its worth seemed quite a bit smaller,

Its experiences made it infinitely taller.

6. Penny’s Wish

Every penny that’s tossed into a fountain carries a wish. This poem dreams about the wishes a penny has for itself amidst the countless desires it’s privy to.

In the midst of wishes, in fountain’s embrace,

Penny lay deep, with a smile on its face,

For amidst all the dreams, hopes, and swish,

There was one special, a penny’s own wish.


Not for gold, or a grander place,

But to bring joy, a smile to a face,

To be a symbol of hope, luck, and glee,

And make dreams come true, as far as eyes see.


Every toss, every whisper, it would hear,

Yet its own wish, it held so dear,

For in the heart of this coin so small,

Lay a wish grandest of all.

7. Ode to the Humble Penny

Despite its small value, the penny is a testament to time and endurance. This poem pays homage to the undying spirit of this often-underestimated coin.

To the humble penny, an ode I write,

Shimmering in day, gleaming at night,

Though small in stature, vast in might,

A testament to time, and endurance’s fight.


Centuries have passed, empires have fallen,

Yet you endure, your spirit unshaken,

Witness to tales, both great and small,

You’ve stood the test, outlasting them all.


So here’s to you, little coin of copper hue,

A tribute deserved, a cheer anew,

For in the vast realm of money’s many,

There’s a special place for the enduring penny.

Short Poems About Pennies

Funny Poems About Pennies

1. Penny’s Date Night

When pennies come alive, imagine their quirks and plans! This poem delves into a humorous narrative of a penny preparing for a special date night with a nickel.

In the coin purse, Penny was spry,

A date with Nickel, oh my, oh my!

Polishing its face, trying to look dandy,

Ready for romance, isn’t love just candy?


Penny said, “I might be of lesser worth,

But my charm and tales show my girth,

While Nickel’s five, I’m unique and spry,

One cent, one heart, aiming for the sky.”


The night was young, the moon did gleam,

Penny and Nickel, a shimmering team,

Laughter echoed, as tales they’d swap,

Who knew coins could make hearts hop?

2. Penny’s Grand Escape

Pennies often find themselves in unexpected places. This playful poem chronicles the adventurous escape of a penny from the clutches of a toddler’s curious grasp.

Caught by a toddler, Penny did squeal,

“This ain’t a cookie, it’s a raw deal!”

As the hand opened, Penny did leap,

“Freedom!” it shouted, taking the leap.


Down the sofa, it rolled and twirled,

In a world of cushions, it was hurled,

Dodging a toy, hiding from sight,

Penny felt like a knight in the night.


By morning, it lay, safely tucked away,

Till the cleaner would find it, come midday,

Oh, the tales of Penny’s grand escape,

All from a toddler’s landscape!

3. Penny’s Day at the Spa

Even pennies need a break! This poem humorously depicts a penny’s desire for relaxation and a day of rejuvenation at the spa.

Penny felt old, tarnished, and blue,

“A spa day is due, that’s surely true!

A copper massage, and a polish so fine,

I’ll sip on some metal wine, and just recline.”


Into the coin wash, it dreamily slid,

Tickled by brushes, its dirt it did rid,

“Ah,” sighed Penny, feeling so fresh,

“This spa day was a wonderful refresh.”


Back in the wallet, gleaming with pride,

Penny felt new, with a spring in its stride,

A coin with a shine, ready to play,

Thanks to its spa-tastic day!

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