10+ Hearth Touching Funeral & Death Poems for Brother

Losing a brother is an immense heartache. Poems can offer solace during such times, providing a medium to express grief and cherish memories. Dive into these 10+ touching funeral and death poems that capture the profound bond between siblings and the pain of saying the last goodbye.

Death Poem for Brothers Funeral

1. Whispers in the Wind

Before we begin, this poem is a gentle reminder of the unseen connection we maintain with our departed siblings. It’s a symbol of the whispers of memories that echo throughout time.

Whispers in the wind, your laughter remains,

Echoes of joy, cutting through the pains.

In every sunset, in twilight’s hue,

Brother, I see the shades of you.


The stars at night, in them, you reside,

Guiding my path, my constant guide.

Through rustling leaves, and shadow’s dance,

I feel your presence, a fateful chance.


Though you’ve moved on, our souls still entwined,

Memories of you, in heart and mind.

In the world’s vast expanse and infinite spin,

You speak to me, in whispers of wind.

2. Eternal Footprints

This next piece paints a picture of the indelible mark our brothers leave in our lives, representing the footsteps of cherished moments that never truly fade.

On sands of time, your footprints stay,

Leading me forth, night or day.

Though you’re gone, and tears do fall,

Your steps remain, through it all.


In every chuckle, every tear,

I sense your footprints, always near.

Beside me walking, hand in hand,

In memories’ beach, on golden sand.


For in my heart, you’ve never gone,

Your footprints lead me ever on.

Guiding, loving, without end,

My dearest brother, forever friend.

3. The Silent Lullaby

Before you delve in, this poem portrays the soothing memories of a brother’s love and protection. It is a lullaby of remembrance and eternal comfort.

In quiet moments, I close my eyes,

Hearing your lullaby, soft sighs.

The tales you told, the songs you’d sing,

Wrapped in love’s protective wing.


No longer here, yet still so near,

Your voice a whisper, crystal clear.

In every shadow, every light,

Your silent lullaby takes flight.


To soothe my heart, when night does fall,

In dreams, I hear your gentle call.

A symphony of love, so high,

Brother, you are my silent lullaby.

4. The Bridge Between

This poem evokes the notion that even in death, our brothers become bridges to our past, present, and future. They are connectors of memories, of love, and of life’s lessons.

Across the gulf of time and space,

Your memory is my resting place.

You’ve become the bridge, strong and wide,

Connecting realms, side by side.


Tales of old, futures untold,

With you, my brother, they all unfold.

In laughter and sorrow, in joy and strife,

You bridge the moments of my life.


Though you’re beyond the earthly plane,

Our bond endures, through sun and rain.

In every heartbeat, every tide,

You’re the bridge where love resides.

5. Light beyond Shadows

This composition highlights the idea that even in the darkest moments of grief, the radiant memories of a brother shine through, casting away shadows with beams of eternal love.

In the depth of night, where shadows play,

Your light emerges, keeping them at bay.

Moments with you, forever in gleam,

Banishing darkness, like a dream.


Your laughter, your voice, so clear and bright,

Illuminating the darkest of night.

Each memory, a beacon, guiding the way,

Turning night’s shadows into day.


Though you’ve journeyed where I can’t follow,

Your light fills every hollow.

Brother, in heart you’ll always be,

The radiant light, guiding me.

Sad Death Poem for Brother

1. Echoes of Silence

This somber piece reflects on the deafening silence left in the wake of a brother’s departure. It grapples with the lingering void and yearning for familiar sounds.

In this silence, your voice once played,

Laughter and whispers, now they’ve frayed.

A void left behind, vast and deep,

Echoes of you, make my heart weep.


The world goes on, yet stands so still,

Craving your voice, but it’s so chill.

Hollow echoes, memories flow,

Where did you go? I need to know.


Lost in the void, I seek and call,

Hearing only silence, as night does fall.

Your voice, your touch, once so precise,

Now, just echoes in silent ice.

2. Tears like Rain

This poem encapsulates the relentless grief, akin to an unending rainstorm, that one endures when mourning the loss of a cherished brother.

Tears like rain, they fall so fast,

Grieving for a past that’s past.

Every drop, a memory of you,

Pooling pain, deep and true.


No umbrella can shield this pain,

No solace in a world so plain.

Each day without you feels so long,

A silent refrain, a missing song.


Brother, in sorrow, my heart does strain,

Longing for you, in tears like rain.

Hoping someday, the storm will cease,

Finding in memories, a hint of peace.

3. Fading Photograph

This piece delves into the tangible remnants of a brother’s presence. It uses the metaphor of a fading photograph to depict the fear of losing memories.

In my hand, a photograph old,

Moments with you, stories untold.

Fading colors, edges worn thin,

Time’s cruel dance, it’s sure to win.


Your smiling face, captured in frame,

Yet without you, it’s not the same.

I clutch it close, fearing the day,

When memories might fade away.


Brother, though pictures may lose their hue,

My heart will always remember you.

A snapshot in time, forever to last,

Holding tight, to our shared past.

4. Empty Chair

This poem speaks of the palpable absence felt during gatherings, where a brother’s empty chair is a stark reminder of the love and joy that once was.

At the table, an empty chair,

A silent testimony, hard to bear.

Where you once sat, sharing tales,

Now only absence, silence prevails.


Gatherings feel incomplete, so awry,

Without your laughter, your loving reply.

Every moment, every shared meal,

Your absence, it’s so very real.


Brother, in our hearts, you’re still there,

Yet we ache for you, in that empty chair.

Holding on to love, trying to cope,

Seeking solace in memories of hope.

5. Broken Compass

This composition portrays a sibling’s sense of directionless grief. It likens the guidance of a brother to a compass, which when lost, leaves one adrift.

You were my compass, pointing the way,

Guiding me through, night and day.

Now lost without you, feeling so small,

Like a ship in a storm, ready to fall.


North, South, East or West,

Without you, I’m just a guest.

Drifting aimlessly, without a guide,

In this vast ocean, with sorrow to hide.


Brother, you were my anchor and map,

Without you, I’m trapped in a mishap.

Hoping in time, I’ll find a new course,

Guided by memories, love’s endless force.

Funeral Poem for Brother from Sister

1. A Brother’s Keeper

From a sister’s perspective, this poem speaks of the nurturing and protective bond between a brother and a sister. It recounts the shared memories and the roles they played in each other’s lives.

When we were young, you held my hand,

Through storms and sun, together we’d stand.

My protector, my guide, always by side,

In our secret world, where dreams reside.


You teased and laughed, but loved so deep,

Promises made, promises to keep.

A sister’s joy, a brother’s grace,

Together we danced, life’s loving embrace.


Now you’ve gone, leaving a space so vast,

Yet our bond remains, tied to the past.

Forever my brother, in memories weep,

I’ll cherish our moments, in my heart, they’ll keep.

2. Seasons of Love

This poem from a sister reminisces about the changing seasons they experienced together and how their bond evolved over time, much like the changing seasons.

In spring, we played, flowers in our hair,

Summer brought laughter, joy beyond compare.

Autumn’s golden hues, secrets we would share,

Winter’s cold embrace, warmth in your care.


Every season, a memory anew,

With every change, closer we grew.

A bond unbreakable, forged in time’s glow,

You and I, through highs and low.


Now, as I stand, amidst life’s fleeting breeze,

I remember our seasons, our shared memories.

Though you’re gone, in my heart, you thrive,

For in every season, your love remains alive.

3. Starlit Memories

In this touching poem, a sister recalls the nights she spent with her brother, gazing at the stars, and how those stars now serve as a reminder of their shared moments.

Under starry nights, we’d often lay,

Counting dreams, keeping the world at bay.

You’d point at stars, weaving tales so fine,

Whispering secrets, your hand in mine.


Orion’s Belt, the Plough, and more,

Galaxies far, legends of yore.

You made them alive, with your vibrant glee,

In the vast universe, just you and me.


Now every night, I gaze up high,

Finding you amidst the sky.

In starlit memories, our stories unfurl,

My dearest brother, my universe, my world.

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