10 Short Poems About Ducks

“Ducks, with their waddling gait and serene pond life, have long inspired poets and dreamers. In this collection, we’ll explore 10 short poems that capture the whimsy, beauty, and charm of these feathered friends. Dive in and let the verses transport you to tranquil waters and quacking tales.”

Short Poems About Ducks

1. Quack in the Meadow

Before we immerse ourselves in this piece, let’s reflect on the familiar scene of a duck in a meadow, where land meets water, and nature’s tranquility reigns.

In a meadow, quiet and low,

Ducks waddle to and fro,

Feathers glisten, sun’s soft glow,

Nature’s rhythm, steady and slow.


Wings flapping, off they go,

Above the clouds, in a row,

Shadow dances on earth below,

Beauty that only a meadow can show.


Ripples spread, where they bestow,

A presence, a life, a pond-side show,

Grace in every ebb and flow,

In the meadow, where ducks echo.

2. The Duck’s Lullaby

As night falls, the ducks find comfort. In the moon’s gentle embrace, they sing a silent lullaby, resting under a blanket of stars.

Beneath the stars, they close their eyes,

The world is quiet, nature sighs.

Moonlit pond, a mirror’s face,

Ducks rest in night’s tender embrace.


Gentle ripples, a soft caress,

In the stillness, they find their rest.

Silver reflections, dreams take flight,

Under the watch of the gentle night.


Whispers of wind, tales they tell,

Of dreams and wishes, in the night they dwell.

The ducks, in peace, under the sky,

Sing their silent, dreamy lullaby.

3. Morning’s First Quack

The break of dawn is a duck’s herald. They greet the sun, and with their quacks, announce the day’s beginning, making mornings memorable.

Golden horizon, a new day’s crack,

The world awakes to the duck’s first quack.

Misty pond, dew-kissed grass,

The morning’s magic, in reflections pass.


Sunrise paints, in hues so bright,

Ducks take flight, a wondrous sight.

Shadows lift, day’s first light,

Nature’s symphony, pure delight.


Chorus of quacks, the day begins,

Life’s vibrant dance, nature’s whims.

Morning’s herald, they proudly act,

Graceful ducks, with charm intact.

4. The Serene Voyage

A duck’s journey across the pond is poetry in motion. With each paddle, they traverse waters, leaving behind ripples of stories, of moments lived.

Upon the water, they glide so free,

Ducks in motion, poetry to see.

Paddles gentle, ripples spread,

Stories of the journey, silently said.


Mountains mirrored, in water deep,

Through the pond’s expanse, they slowly sweep.

Journey serene, without a care,

Ducks move in rhythm, through the air.


Endless voyage, across the blue,

In their wake, life anew.

Every ripple, a memory’s page,

Ducks write tales, on nature’s stage.

5. Winter’s Feathered Friend

Even in the cold embrace of winter, ducks remain. They become the sentinels of the frozen pond, reminding us of life’s persistence and grace.

Snowflakes fall, the world turns white,

Yet the duck remains, a vibrant sight.

Ice-clad pond, world so still,

Feathered friend, with a winter’s will.


Cold winds blow, trees stand bare,

Yet the duck endures, with grace rare.

Fluffs its feathers, stands so proud,

Amidst the silence, its quack is loud.


Frozen realm, nature’s test,

In winter’s grip, ducks are at their best.

Defying cold, with spirit grand,

They stand as sentinels, on winter’s land.

Poems About Ducks

Poems About Ducks That Rhyme

1. Ducky Days

The joyful presence of ducks can turn any ordinary day into a special one. This poem captures the light-hearted spirit and playfulness of our feathered friends as they embrace each day.

Splashing in the pond, so fine,

Under the sun, see them shine.

Waddling feet, quacks so gay,

Ducks make merry, every day.


Bright beady eyes, a playful race,

Across the waters, they embrace.

Chasing ripples, in sunlight’s play,

Their laughter echoes, come what may.


Feathered fun, in every sway,

With every quack, they light the way.

Nature’s jesters, always at bay,

Spreading joy, in their ducky way.

2. Whispered Dreams

In the hush of the evening, as ducks nestle down, they share whispered dreams of skies and crowns. This poem delves into the quiet aspirations of ducks as night descends.

Moonlight gleams, stars align,

Ducks settle down, dreams intertwine.

Whispers of skies, and crowns so gold,

Tales of adventures, bravely told.


Feathers fluffed, under the night’s dome,

The pond’s edge becomes their dreamy home.

Aspirations high, to stars they reach,

In quiet quacks, their hopes they teach.


Night’s soft lull, dreams take flight,

In the heart of darkness, ducks find light.

To the horizon, their wishes stream,

In the quiet pond of whispered dreams.

3. Raindrop Rhythms

Raindrops become a dance floor for ducks, who embrace the showers with glee. This poem celebrates the jubilation of ducks as they dance under the rain’s tender touch.

Raindrops fall, a rhythmic beat,

Ducks dance around, tapping their feet.

Every drop, a note so clear,

Nature’s melody, for all to hear.


Puddles form, a stage is set,

Ducks perform, no regrets.

Twirling, spinning, in rain’s embrace,

They move with grace, at their own pace.


The world may hide, from the rain’s kiss,

But ducks find joy, in such pure bliss.

In raindrop rhythms, they find their tune,

Dancing beneath the rainy moon.

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