10 Best Poems about Loving A Soldier

Loving a soldier is a profound emotion, woven with pride, longing, and undying respect. Explore the depths of this unique love through our selection of the 10 best poems, each capturing the essence of romance amidst the backdrop of duty and sacrifice. Dive into heartfelt verses ahead.

Poems about Loving a Soldier

1. Across The Miles

This poem reflects on the distance that often separates lovers when one is deployed. The agony of waiting and the dreams of reunion fill the spaces between.

Across the miles, in night’s embrace,

Each star a kiss, for your sweet face.

Whispers of wind, tales of the night,

Hold close our love, till morning light.


In dreams we meet, on distant shores,

Your touch, so real, my heart implores.

Yet time stands still, as moments fleet,

Till next our longing hearts shall meet.


Though seas divide, and time may sway,

Our love grows stronger, day by day.

With every dawn, I hope anew,

Soon, once more, I’ll be with you.

2. The Uniform’s Embrace

Uniforms are often symbols of duty and service. This poem touches upon the juxtaposition of the warm heart beneath the often cold, unyielding fabric.

The uniform stands, strong and tall,

Yet beneath it beats a heart that’s all.

Love, hope, and memories of our time,

Echoed in the nightly chime.


Starched and crisp, the fabric’s might,

Yet it knows our tender night.

Holding close the one so dear,

Even when I’m not near.


In the uniform’s stern embrace,

Is a soldier with a lover’s grace.

With every thread, my love does weave,

Promising return, you must believe.

3. Letters of Love

This poem speaks of the age-old tradition of writing letters. When separated, these tangible pieces of love become lifelines.

Letters penned with utmost care,

With words of love, in moments rare.

Each line a testament, pure and true,

Of love that’s deep, only for you.


In silent battles, fears do creep,

Your letters, love, make weak hearts leap.

A balm to wounds, unseen, so deep,

Promising love, we’re meant to keep.


Till we unite, in love’s sweet song,

These letters guide me, make me strong.

With every word, our love’s retold,

In inked confessions, stories bold.

4. Echoes of Home

Homesickness is real and palpable. This poem dives into the soldier’s longing for the familiar warmth of love and home.

In foreign lands, where battles roar,

My heart seeks you, forevermore.

The sounds of home, your laughter free,

Echo in my mind, my sanctuary.


Through smoky veils and noisy guns,

I hear our song, the one that runs.

Deep in our souls, a melody pure,

Your love’s the anchor, keeping me sure.


Nights are long, days even so,

Yet thoughts of home, in my heart glow.

In every echo, every tone,

Is a call to love, to home, my own.

5. Love’s Vigil

This poem depicts the vigil of waiting, how love’s flame remains alight even in the most challenging times.

Night after night, by the window I stand,

Hoping for a glimpse, a touch of your hand.

The candle’s soft glow, a beacon so true,

Guiding you home, back to our view.


Days may be harsh, nights even cold,

Yet love’s vigil, in my heart, boldly holds.

Each wick’s burning end, a testament bright,

To undying love, and our shared light.


The vigil continues, as days turn to years,

Fueled by love, hope, and silent tears.

Till that day comes, and in embrace we reel,

When love’s long vigil, becomes tangibly real.

6. Shielded Heart

A soldier’s heart is shielded, not just from the dangers of war, but also from the emotional vulnerabilities. This poem speaks of that guarded tenderness.

Amidst the chaos, a shielded heart,

Protecting love, setting it apart.

From the brutal world, of war and strife,

Holding memories of a shared life.


Under the armor, a soft pulse beats,

With rhythms of love, and hopeful retreats.

Guarded and safe, love’s essence so true,

Every beat, every throb, thinking of you.


Though battles rage, and cannons roar,

This shielded heart, loves even more.

For in the midst, of danger and dread,

Love remains alive, never dead.

7. War’s Silent Echo

War leaves an indelible mark not just on the soldier, but also on the loved ones left behind. This poem is a testament to that shared pain.

In the quiet night, war’s silent echo,

Reverberates in hearts, with love’s soft tempo.

Each scar, each wound, in soul does reflect,

A love enduring, with mutual respect.


Through tales untold, of horror and pain,

Our love remains, through sunshine and rain.

With every battle, love’s resilience grows,

War’s silent echo, our bond only shows.


When conflicts cease, and war is no more,

Love will remain, healing the sore.

For in its depth, and strength so true,

War’s silent echo, is drowned by love’s hue.

8. Love’s Relentless March

Soldiers march, and so does love. This poem is about the journey of love that marches on relentlessly, just like a dedicated soldier.

Love’s relentless march, never does tire,

Fueled by passion, and heartfelt desire.

Through the toughest terrains, and darkest night,

Our love marches on, with undying might.


Every step taken, in sync with the beat,

Of two hearts, that as one, always greet.

Through storms and calm, through peace and through war,

Love’s relentless march, is folklore.


In history’s pages, and tales yet to tell,

Our love’s march continues, and all is well.

For in every stride, in each moment passed,

Love’s relentless march, forever will last.

9. Battles Within

Every soldier faces internal battles – memories, emotions, and longing. This poem touches upon these silent wars within.

In the shadowed corners, battles within,

Not of arms and weapons, but memories and kin.

Longings and dreams, of days long past,

Hoping the pain, won’t always last.


In the heart’s quiet, the war rages on,

Between duty and love, a never-ending dawn.

Yet in this struggle, a strength does grow,

A love so deep, it can only show.


Though silent these battles, they shape who I am,

A soldier in love, with a heart that gives a damn.

For even in darkness, even in spin,

Love triumphs in the battles within.

10. The Homecoming

The moment a soldier returns is one of overwhelming emotion. This poem captures that surge of feelings during a reunion.

The horizon hints, a silhouette so clear,

A moment longed for, is finally near.

Tears blur the vision, but hearts see it true,

The homecoming awaited, is finally due.


Footsteps quicken, as emotions collide,

The gap closes, with love as the guide.

Through battles and time, through distance and space,

The homecoming moment, love does embrace.


Words fall short, as arms do the talk,

In silent promises, love continues to walk.

The journey, the wait, all worth the theme,

For the homecoming is love’s ultimate dream.

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