5 Poems about Computer Addiction

In our digital age, computer addiction touches many. These five poems delve deep into our screen-tethered souls, offering poignant reflections on the delicate balance between online immersion and real-world presence. Dive in and discover the poetic side of pixelated passions.

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Poems about Computer Addiction

1. Pixels over People

This poem explores the allure of the digital world and how it often becomes a replacement for human interaction. It underscores the irony of finding ‘company’ in a device while isolating from real people.

In the light of my screen, I’m alone,

Yet I claim this space as my very own.

People nearby, but my attention’s sold

To a flickering display, where stories are told.


Virtual friends, they like what I say,

But would they stand by me at the end of the day?

As I tap and I swipe, the world fades away,

Yet I long for a touch that doesn’t decay.


Pixels over people, it’s easy to see,

How I got lost in this digital sea.

Yet I dream of a day, I’ll break free and then,

Choose people over pixels, again and again.

2. The Siren Screen

“The Siren Screen” alludes to the mythical Sirens who lured sailors to their doom with their irresistible songs. Similarly, the poem discusses how our screens lure us into neglecting our responsibilities.

A siren in my pocket sings its call,

A glowing screen that beckons to us all.

Neglected chores, and duties left undone,

For one more scroll, a never-ending run.


My eyes grow tired, but still, I can’t resist,

The constant urge to check another list.

Tasks keep piling, time forever flies,

Yet I am held by the screen’s unending ties.


One day I’ll mute the siren, break the spell,

Escape the pull of this magnetic hell.

I’ll turn my gaze to skies and seas and sun,

And realize life is more than clicks and fun.

3. Walled Garden

“Walled Garden” explores how the internet can sometimes become a trap, restricting our perspectives while giving the illusion of endless freedom and knowledge. It questions what we might be missing beyond the ‘walls’.

In the walled garden, I roam free,

Endless blooms as far as eye can see.

But in this realm of likes and memes,

Are we truly free as it all seems?


Do we wander or just stay,

In echo chambers that make our day?

With every click, a door locks tight,

Blinding us from different light.


To climb the walls, it takes a feat,

To see the world that’s raw and sweet.

One day I’ll scale this garden’s fence,

To taste a life that’s far more dense.

4. Chained to Charge

“Chained to Charge” portrays the anxiety we often feel when our devices run low on battery, emphasizing how reliant we’ve become on them. It serves as a metaphor for our emotional dependence on digital validation.

My battery low, I start to fret,

A life unplugged, a rising threat.

Chained to charge, I sit and wait,

As time ticks on, I contemplate.


In every socket, I find my peace,

A source of power, a quick release.

But what’s the cost of this electric tie?

What other things do I pass by?


One day I’ll learn to roam untamed,

Not fearing when my charge is drained.

In stillness, I’ll find strength anew,

Unplugged but charged, to myself true.

5. Virtual Reality, My Refuge

The poem “Virtual Reality, My Refuge” reflects on the solace some find in the fictional worlds computers provide. It questions whether this digital escapism is truly fulfilling or merely a temporary flight from reality.

In virtual worlds, I find my place,

A refuge from life’s hectic pace.

Dragons, quests, I’m strong and brave,

In pixels, I find the love I crave.


No judgments here, no need to please,

I am my own, with total ease.

But when the screen goes dark at last,

I’m thrown back into my contrasting past.


Virtual worlds, they fill the void,

But leave me questioning the life I’ve enjoyed.

What is real, and what’s pretend?

Where does one world start, the other end?

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