5 Poems about Computer Virus

In the digital age, where bytes and pixels shape our world, poetry finds a unique muse in computer viruses. Delve into these five evocative poems that weave tales of digital chaos, vulnerability, and the quest for cyber resilience, capturing the enigmatic dance between code and emotion.

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Poems about Computer Virus

1. The Silent Invader

This first poem is an ode to the silent and surreptitious nature of a computer virus. It details how a virus can infiltrate a system quietly, almost unnoticed, but with potentially devastating consequences.

It sneaks through firewalls, quiet as air,

A phantom unseen, yet always there.

Elusive code, in circuits weaved,

A lurking menace, scarcely believed.


The data trembles, bytes in fear,

As the invader whispers, “I am here.”

Into each file, its essence seeps,

A haunting presence that never sleeps.


Through each line of code, it dances fast,

A tango with doom, how long will it last?

A digital haunt, no sign or clue,

Until all at once, your system’s askew.

2. A Trojan’s Lament

The second poem presents a Trojan virus in a somewhat sympathetic light, contemplating its purpose and existence. It deals with the existential crisis of a harmful piece of code.

In a horse of code, I hide my form,

A gift that’s anything but warm.

I ponder why I’m made this way,

A tool for chaos, come what may.


Is purpose only just to harm?

A byte’s lament, a code’s alarm.

Could I have been a tune, a song?

Instead, where don’t I belong?


I’m clicked, I’m run, my time has come,

Into your world, my essence hums.

Yet even now, I wonder still,

Is all I am a coded ill?

3. Firewall’s Stand

This poem celebrates the defensive barriers we put up against viruses, specifically firewalls. It personifies the firewall as a vigilant guardian, forever on the watch.

On the frontier of bytes and bits,

A sentinel stands, never quits.

Guardian of the data flow,

Against the tide of viral woe.


“Come not closer!” it bellows loud,

A fortress strong, noble and proud.

Yet viruses try, with trick and guise,

To pass by unnoticed, in stealthy disguise.


Some make it through, a breach, a crack,

But the firewall learns, and then fights back.

An eternal game of cat and mouse,

Within the circuits of this cyber house.

4. Data’s Dream

Our fourth poem takes you inside the surreal world of corrupted data. It imagines what a file or piece of data might feel like when compromised by a virus.

A file in sleep, a peaceful state,

Awakens to a twist of fate.

Dreams corrupted, visions blurred,

In the silence, errors heard.


I was once a tale, a song,

Where did all go so wrong?

Infected lines within my core,

I’m not what I was anymore.


Scrambled text, a jumbled mess,

A viral stain, a sign of stress.

A data’s dream turned to fright,

In the ghostly glow of a screen’s light.

5. Rebirth: The Update

The final poem speaks of hope and recovery through system updates and antivirus solutions. It narrates how software evolves to become better equipped to deal with viruses.

A system bruised, but not yet done,

Seeks the light, a morning sun.

Download patch, updates new,

A chance at life, a start anew.


Code rewritten, layers thick,

An armor formed of logic’s brick.

Antivirus, my new best friend,

Together we’ll make the system mend.


From ashes rise, a phoenix tale,

Of resilience, we will not fail.

In cyberworld, as in the life we know,

It’s not the end, but a chance to grow.

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