13 Best Funny Poems about Anniversaries

Celebrate love with a chuckle! Dive into these 13 hilarious poems that perfectly capture the quirks and joys of anniversaries. From loving jibes to endearing mishaps, these verses will have you laughing in the aisles of matrimony. Let the poetic fun begin!

Funny Anniversary Poems about Husband

1. Husband’s Handy Habits

This poem pokes fun at those lovable habits that husbands seem to have, often making them the unique and cherished partners they are.

Every morning he can’t find his shoes,

Always on the hunt, forever confused.

Yet when it comes to the TV remote,

It’s in his hand, like a captain to boat.


He claims he listens, but often he’ll drift,

Daydreaming of gadgets, his spirits uplift.

Yet I wouldn’t trade him, not for the world,

For he’s my anchor, as life has unfurled.


Dinner disasters, he’s had quite a few,

But when it comes to barbecues, he’s my guru.

This wonderful man, with habits so grand,

Together we stand, hand in quirky hand.

2. My Time-Telling Man

This light-hearted poem is all about the husband’s curious relationship with time, particularly when it comes to remembering the important dates.

Forgets the date but not the time,

His watch on wrist, always does chime.

Yet when it’s our day, he’s often late,

“Was it today?” Oh, the husband’s trait.


He’s punctual for football, that’s for sure,

But anniversaries? Dates seem quite obscure.

Yet when he recalls, he goes all out,

Makes me wonder what the fuss was about.


Calendar alerts, alarms, and chimes,

Yet, our date often slips by time.

My ever-forgetful, time-telling mate,

Together we laugh, at every missed date.

3. The Everlasting Battle: Him vs. Laundry

This poem is an amusing ode to the eternal struggle between a husband and the confounding task of laundry.

He wears a shirt, then throws on the floor,

Acts surprised, when I ask for more.

Laundry seems like a beast he can’t tame,

Yet every time, he promises “I’ll change!”


Brights with darks, whites with red,

Oh, the colorful surprises we often dread!

The machine’s not tricky, just buttons and soap,

Yet he stands confused, losing all hope.


Each year, the laundry, we laugh and we sigh,

It’s our funny saga, under the sky.

This husband of mine, with laundry so wild,

Yet he’s the heart, of every laugh compiled.

4. Tech Guru Gone Wrong

This poem chuckles at the paradox of a tech-savvy husband who’s brilliant with gadgets but struggles with the simpler things in life.

He can code, and gadgets he’ll mend,

Ask about tech? He’s your best friend.

But a simple task, like making the bed?

It looks like a tornado went ahead.


Wi-Fi down? He’s on it, no fret,

But to locate his keys, he’s always upset.

Such a genius with cables and wires,

Yet, basic chores light no such fires.


Every anniversary, we laugh and jest,

About simple things he can’t do best.

My tech guru, with a funny twist,

In life’s tech manual, he’s top on the list.

Funny Anniversary Poems about Husband

Funny Poems about First Anniversary

1. Trial Year Triumph

The first year of marriage is often jokingly referred to as the ‘trial year’. This poem cheekily acknowledges the ups and downs of that very special year.

One year down, and what a ride,

Laughter, tears, a rollercoaster’s glide.

Burnt dinners and misplaced keys,

But wouldn’t trade it, not for all the seas.


“Who left the light on?” we often bicker,

The first one up, to the coffee maker quicker.

Yet through these quirks, love only grew,

More reasons to adore, a bond so true.


First anniversary, to the ‘trial year’ we toast,

Through every hiccup, together we coast.

The love we share, wild and free,

Here’s to the start of our lifelong spree!

2. Learning the Dance

The first year of marriage is often a dance of figuring each other out. This poem highlights the funny nuances of learning to live together.

Step on toes, and sometimes miss a beat,

Living together, no easy feat.

Mismatched socks and overslept alarms,

Yet, every night, we’re in each other’s arms.


The toilet seat debate, oh what fun,

Or who enjoys basking in the midday sun.

Mismatched rhythms, yet the dance is sweet,

With every misstep, our love’s still neat.


One year of dancing, often out of tune,

Yet wouldn’t change a single afternoon.

For every stumble makes the dance grand,

First year down, forever hand in hand.

3. Of Plants and Love

Indoor plants can be tricky, and so can the first year of marriage. This poem humorously equates nurturing a relationship to taking care of a houseplant.

Bought a plant, to mark year one,

Watered too much, and then there was none.

Much like our year, ups and downs faced,

Yet love, like green, can’t be erased.


Too much sun, the leaves did burn,

Just like our spats, taking a wrong turn.

Yet with patience, new sprouts did grow,

Love finding its way, putting on a show.


A year of lessons, both plant and heart,

Nurturing, caring, playing the part.

As leaves flourish, so does our bond,

To many more years, and memories fond.

Funny Poems about First Anniversary

Funny Anniversary Poems about Couples

1. The Tug of War

All couples have their playful struggles, from the battle over the TV remote to deciding on dinner. This poem highlights those humorous moments that define many relationships.

He wants football, she wants a flick,

A daily battle, with neither to pick.

Yet when the screen finally turns blue,

Both laugh and decide on a dinner for two.


Chinese or pizza? Oh, the debate rages on,

Until they settle for pasta, a decision well-drawn.

Yet halfway through, both wish for sushi,

Oh, the joys of a couple so pushy!


Anniversary rings, another year of fun strife,

Tug of wars that enrich married life.

For in every pull and playful spar,

Love grows, no matter how bizarre.

2. Snoring Serenades

Snoring can be a quirky part of many relationships. This poem offers a light-hearted take on the nocturnal symphonies some couples produce.

He snores high, and she snores low,

Together they create quite the nighttime show.

Rhythms of the night, a snore-filled song,

In each other’s embrace, where they both belong.


Earplugs on her nightstand, a mask on his eyes,

Yet morning finds them in a love-filled reprise.

Laughing at the night, the serenades they croon,

For each believes, the other’s snore is a boon.


Anniversaries come, celebrating nocturnal art,

For the symphony of snores keeps them heart to heart.

In the realm of dreams, where love’s song does play,

Together they snore, in their unique ballet.

3. The Eternal Thermostat Feud

Many couples laugh about the classic disagreement over room temperature. This poem finds humor in that age-old thermostat battle.

She likes it warm, he loves the chill,

The thermostat wars, testing their will.

Up and down, the numbers go,

Finding a middle? Oh, such a woe!


Blankets for her, shorts for him,

In the dance of degrees, on a whim.

Yet through the chill or scorching heat,

Together they find their love’s heartbeat.


Years roll by, the feud persists,

Yet, in love’s warmth, they always exist.

For no matter the degree or temperature grade,

Their love’s constant, never to fade.

Funny Anniversary Poems about Couples

Funny Anniversary Poems about Parents

1. The Legendary Lost Keys

Parents often have their own humorous quirks that children notice growing up. This poem highlights a comical routine around the ever-elusive keys.

Dad can’t find his car keys, a daily quest,

Mom rolls her eyes, suggesting the chest.

But alas, they’re in his other pants’ pocket,

This anniversary dance, like a launching rocket.


Years of chuckles, over lost items galore,

Glasses on his head, or shoes by the door.

Yet through every search, one thing stays true,

The endless love they continually renew.


Decades together, still losing those keys,

A comedy of errors, bringing us to our knees.

Yet in every laugh, we see love’s spark,

For through life’s maze, they light the dark.

2. Dueling Culinary Masters

Parents often share the kitchen, leading to delicious results and humorous moments. This poem relishes their delightful kitchen dynamics.

Mom’s the baker, with cookies so sweet,

Dad’s by the grill, championing meat.

Their kitchen wars, a sight to behold,

Yet in the end, tales of love are retold.


Burnt toast for him, over-salted soup for her,

Yet they laugh it off, with a loving stir.

Dueling dishes, sometimes amiss,

Yet sealed always with a loving kiss.


Anniversaries remind us of their culinary fun,

Through failed dishes, and those second to none.

For in every plate, taste, and aroma,

Lies a love story, our treasured drama.

3. The Dance of Remote Control

The TV remote often becomes an item of playful contention. This poem shines a light on parents juggling their TV preferences, much to their children’s amusement.

Dad’s on the news, Mom’s on her show,

The remote’s a baton, to and fro.

Who controls the screen tonight?

Their playful joust, our pure delight.


Documentaries for him, dramas for her,

In the midst of which, sometimes they concur.

A random comedy, or an old-time song,

Together on the couch, where they both belong.


Anniversary cheers, to the TV’s glow,

For it’s more than channels, as we all know.

It’s the shared laughs, and occasional groan,

A testament to the love they’ve shown.

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