Opposite of release, Antonyms of release (Example Sentences)

Type: Verb/Noun

Meaning/Definition of release: Verb referring to the act of setting free or allowing something to be free; Noun describing the action of being set free or made available.

What is the Opposite of release?

The Opposite of release is capture.

Other Opposites of release:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of release:

  • apprehend
  • arrest
  • ban
  • bound
  • bust
  • call off
  • circumscribe
  • confine
  • detain
  • imprison
  • incarcerate
  • jail
  • limit
  • prohibit
  • restrict
  • shut in
  • shut up
  • take in charge

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Release:

  1. She held on tightly and didn’t release her grip.
  2. He kept the information to himself and didn’t release it.
  3. The company retained the product and didn’t release it to the market.
  4. Instead of releasing, she kept the item in her possession.
  5. The document was withheld and not released to the public.
  6. He restrained himself from releasing his emotions.
  7. Instead of release, she concealed the truth and didn’t disclose it.
  8. The news was suppressed and not released to the public.
  9. Instead of releasing, he restrained the urge to share his thoughts.
  10. The information remained confidential and wasn’t released to the public.

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