Opposite of Lost, Antonyms of Lost (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective/Verb

Meaning/Definition of Lost: Adjective describing something that has been misplaced or cannot be found, or a verb meaning to be unable to find one’s way.

What is the Opposite of Lost?

The Opposite of Lost is Found.

Other Opposites of Lost

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of lost:

  • Current
  • Existent
  • Actual
  • Existing
  • Occurring now
  • Ongoing
  • Present
  • Present-day
  • Prevailing
  • Prevalent
  • Real
  • Recent
  • Happening now
  • Immediate
  • In existence
  • Taking place
  • Topical
  • Up-to-date

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Lost:

  1. She found the found wallet and returned it.
  2. He knew exactly where to go; he wasn’t misplaced.
  3. The keys were located on the kitchen counter.
  4. The missing book was discovered under the bed.
  5. The child was found safe and sound in the park.
  6. The hiker had no trouble finding the right
  7. The treasure was unearthed from the buried chest.
  8. The map provided clear directions; they didn’t get turned around.
  9. The missing dog was reunited with its owner.
  10. The misplaced item was retrieved from the lost and found.

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