Opposite of Wonderful, Antonyms of Wonderful (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of wonderful: Adjective describing something that is extremely good, delightful, or marvelous.

What is the Opposite of wonderful?

The Opposite of wonderful is awful.

Other Opposites of wonderful:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of wonderful:

  • bad
  • worse
  • nasty
  • evil
  • ill
  • wicked
  • poor
  • damaged
  • broken
  • distorted
  • faulty
  • wretched
  • terrible
  • awful
  • crappy
  • screwed
  • rotten
  • flimsy
  • decayed
  • carious
  • rickety
  • rude
  • churlish
  • impertinent
  • dirty
  • naughty
  • fake
  • false

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Wonderful:

  1. The weather turned terrible just as we started our picnic.
  2. The movie received awful reviews from critics.
  3. The concert was canceled due to dreadful weather conditions.
  4. The food at the new restaurant was horrible, and I couldn’t finish my meal.
  5. We had a horrendous experience at the amusement park due to long lines and rude staff.
  6. The smell coming from the garbage bin was absolutely atrocious.
  7. The party turned out to be an unpleasant affair with arguments and tension.
  8. The sight of the rotten fruit was repulsive.
  9. The performance of the team was abysmal, and the coach was disappointed.
  10. The ending of the book was disappointing, leaving readers unsatisfied.

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