Opposite Of Justice, Antonyms of Justice (Example Sentences)

Type: Noun

Meaning/Definition of justice: Noun referring to the quality of being fair, impartial, or morally right; the administration of law or authority.

What is the Opposite of justice?

The Opposite of justice is injustice.

Other Opposites of justice:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of justice:

  • an outrage upon justice
  • inequity
  • inexorability
  • iniquity
  • injustice
  • ruthlessness
  • unfairness
  • unjustness
  • unrighteousness
  • wrong
  • wrongdoing

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Justice:

  1. The verdict was an injustice and denied the victim’s rights.
  2. The ruling showed unfairness and favored the wealthy.
  3. The judge’s decision was influenced by personal bias.
  4. The jury’s verdict was tainted by prejudice against the defendant.
  5. The company’s hiring process had elements of discrimination.
  6. The judge’s actions showed partiality towards one party.
  7. The system perpetuated inequity and favored certain groups.
  8. The corruption within the justice system led to unrighteousness.
  9. The case was marked by rampant corruption and manipulation.
  10. The imbalance of power resulted in an unfair distribution of justice.

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