Opposite Of Joy, Antonyms of Joy, Meaning and Example Sentences

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Type: Noun

Meaning/Definition of joy: Noun referring to a feeling of great pleasure, happiness, or delight.

What is the Opposite of joy?

The Opposite of joy is sorrow.

Other Opposites of joy:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of joy:

  • bereaved
  • bitter
  • distressed
  • distressing
  • doleful
  • down
  • downcast
  • glum
  • grieved
  • harrowing
  • heartbreaking
  • heartbroken
  • melancholy
  • painful
  • pessimistic
  • regrettable
  • somber
  • sorrowful
  • sorry
  • wistful

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “joy”:

  1. Her smile turned into tears of sorrow upon hearing the news.
  2. He couldn’t escape the overwhelming feeling of sadness.
  3. The loss of a loved one brought them immense grief.
  4. He sank into a state of misery and couldn’t find solace.
  5. The weight of depression made it hard to find joy in anything.
  6. She fell into a pit of despair and struggled to see a way out.
  7. The news filled them with anguish and heartache.
  8. The dark clouds of melancholy hung heavy over his spirit.
  9. The constant feeling of unhappiness weighed on her soul.
  10. He lived a life of discontent and never found true joy.

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