Opposite of Idle, Antonyms of Idle (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective/Verb

Meaning/Definition of idle: Adjective describing something that is not active, working, or in use; Verb referring to the act of doing nothing or being inactive.

What is the Opposite of idle?

The Opposite of idle is busy.

Other Opposites of idle:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of idle:

  • Active
  • In effect
  • In operation
  • In process
  • In service
  • In use
  • Continuing
  • Engaged
  • In action
  • In commission
  • Live
  • Occupied
  • On
  • Ongoing
  • Operating
  • Running

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Idle:

  1. He was active, not idle, and always on the move.
  2. She spent her time occupied, not idle, with various hobbies.
  3. The factory was productive, not idle, with workers bustling around.
  4. The machine was operational, not idle, and running smoothly.
  5. He was engaged, not idle, in meaningful work.
  6. The students were busy, not idle, preparing for the exam.
  7. The employees were diligent, not idle, and focused on their tasks.
  8. She had a full schedule, not idle, with no time for leisure.
  9. The office was efficient, not idle, and tasks were completed promptly.
  10. They were actively pursuing their goals, not idle, and making progress.

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