Opposite Of Famous, Antonyms of Famous (Example Sentences)

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Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of famous: Adjective describing someone or something that is well known, widely recognized, or celebrated.

What is the Opposite of famous?

The Opposite of famous is unknown.

Other Opposites of famous:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of famous:

  • alien
  • anonymous
  • exotic
  • foreign
  • mysterious
  • nameless
  • normal
  • noteless
  • obscure
  • obscure
  • occult
  • recondite
  • secret
  • strange
  • strange
  • unbeknown
  • uncelebrated
  • undistinguished
  • unfamiliar
  • unfamous
  • unknown

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “famous”:

  1. The artist remained unknown until recently.
  2. The writer’s work was obscure and not widely read.
  3. The donor wanted to remain anonymous and not be recognized.
  4. The athlete went unrecognized in a crowd of fans.
  5. Her talents were ignored by the critics.
  6. The small town was insignificant and often overlooked.
  7. The contribution went unnoticed by most people.
  8. The performance was unremarkable and failed to leave an impression.
  9. The actor’s career remained uncelebrated despite their talent.
  10. The author chose to remain nameless for personal reasons.

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