30 Most Useful Expressions For Speaking

Speaking a language can be daunting and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right collection of words, you can express yourself with confidence. This article will provide you with an essential list of 30 expressions that will help you sound like a native speaker. Through these expressions, you’ll learn how to communicate with ease and grace in any conversation. Whether you are talking to friends, family, or colleagues, having the right words in your vocabulary will make all the difference.

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Most Useful Expressions For Speaking

Below are the Most Useful Expressions For Speaking:

  1. The woman is pretty.
  2. My sister is a bad girl.
  3. I cannot meet you tomorrow.
  4. They drink water.
  5. Mary is a good girl.
  6. We will not come to the party tomorrow.
  7. You will help me, but he cannot help me.
  8. I drink some lemon juice.
  9. They are listening to the teacher.
  10. We will finish the work.
  11. She drinks some lemon juice.
  12. My father is listening to the radio.
  13. He has the book in his hand.
  14. I like to eat apples.
  15. Can you meet me at ten o’clock tomorrow?
  16. I won’t come to the party tomorrow.
  17. I cannot go there.
  18. You are working on this job for 2 years.
  19. He wants to go out.
  20. My sister is not working yet.
  21. I am not sleeping on the couch.
  22. The woman wants something to read.
  23. We will eat an apple.
  24. She is watching TV all day long.
  25. Sara is playing tennis.
  26. My sister is skiing in Switzerland.
  27. I cannot go there.
  28. I want to buy some things.
  29. We play hockey.
  30. The dog is barking at the cat.

Most Useful Expressions For Speaking

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