Interjection Definition and Examples

Interjection Definition and Examples!

Definition of Interjection

Interjection is a word that expresses a strong feeling. It is just a sort of exclamation. Each interjection has its own specific connotation. The listener of an interjection instantly understands the emotions of the speaker.

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Types of Interjection – Video Lesson

Interjection Definition and Examples

Types of Interjection

There could be as many interjections are feelings and emotions. Some of them are given below.

Interjections for Greeting

These interjections are uttered to greet someone.

Read some of them:

Hello, hey, hi, etc.


  • Hello, can I help you with something?
  • “Hi”, he said as he moved into the room.

Interjection for Joy

These interjections are uttered to express joy and happiness.

Read some of them:

Hurrah, hurray, wow, etc.


  • Hurray! I have won the race.
  • Wow! My son has passed the exam.
  • Hurrah! We’ve got another day off.

Interjection for Approval and Praise

These interjections express the feelings of admiration and praises.

Read some of them:

Bravo, Brilliant, well done, etc.


  • Well done! You have succeeded.
  • Bravo! He has made a great goal.
  • Brilliant! You have got high marks in the exam.

Interjection for Surprise

These interjections show the speaker’s feelings of surprise.

These include:

What, oh, ah, eh, wow, etc.


  • Ah! It feels good.
  • Oh! You both know each other.
  • What! He died.
  • Wow! It is tasty.

Interjection for Sorrow

These interjections express the speaker’s feelings of sadness.

These Include:

Alas, ah, oh, ouch, etc.


  • Alas, I couldn’t keep her long as I wished.
  • Ah”, here she is!
  • Jackson heard Elisabeth say, “Ouch. Oh no”, I cut myself.”


interjection definition and examples
interjection definition and examples
interjection definition and examples
interjection definition and examples

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