10 Most Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude

In the vast realm of literature, short stories often captivate our hearts and minds with their concise yet potent narratives. Among these, short moral stories hold a special place, carrying powerful lessons that linger long after the tale has ended.

Through positive thinking stories, we not only find solace in the characters’ resilience but also derive strength from their journeys. As we delve deeper into this genre, we’ll discover inspiring stories that have the power to transform our mindset and uplifting stories that can elevate our spirits even during challenging times.

Short Stories on Positive Attitude

These stories about having a positive attitude are interesting and easy to read. The lessons at the end of the stories make you think and can help guide your life.

Each story is unique and special. They have inspired people for many years, and they continue to provide answers to important life questions.

1. Eagle Hovering

Quite a long time ago, a bird’s egg separated the hen’s eggs. A couple of days after the fact, chickens emerged from those eggs. The falcon’s child was likewise one of them. They grew up among them.

He would do what the remainder of the chick played, around to a great extent in the dirt, pimple, and eat the same way for the day. Like the remainder of the chicks, he also could fly somewhat higher and would catch fluttering wings.

Then, at that point, one day he saw a bird flying in the open sky. The falcon was flying courageously. Then, at that point, he requested the rest from the chicks, “Who is that great bird taking off?” You can fly since you are a chicken!

“The hawk kid acknowledged this fact and never attempted to be that way. He lived like a chick for his entire life and passed on without knowing his actual strength one day. Companions, large numbers of us carry on with a below-average life like that hawk without knowing our actual potential.

The unremarkable mess around us likewise makes us fair. We fail to remember that we are out of our potential outcomes. Purna is an animal. The sky’s the limit for us in this world, yet we botch a major opportunity of having an existence.


Try not to resemble chicks. Trust yourself, and your capacity. Any place you are, whatever climate you are in, perceive your capacities and show them flying at the stature of the sky since that is your existence.

eagle hovering

2. Making Relations Special

When I was a child, my Mom got a kick out of the chance to make breakfast nourishment for supper sometimes. What’s more, I recall one night specifically when she had made supper following a long, hard day at work.

On that evening such a long time ago, my Mom set a plate of eggs, hotdogs, and pretty consumed rolls before my father. I stood by to check whether anybody took note!

However, everything my father did was gone after his role, grinned at my Mom, and asked me how my day was at school. I don’t recall what I revealed to him that evening. However, I do recollect watching him smear spread and jam on that roll and eat each chomp!

When I got up from the table that evening, I heard my Mom apologize to my father for consuming the rolls. Furthermore, I’ll always remember what he said: “Nectar, I love consumed rolls.” Sometime thereafter, I went to kiss Daddy a great evening.

And I inquired as to whether he truly preferred his rolls consumed. He enclosed me in his arms and said, “Your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she’s truly worn out. What’s more – a little consumed roll never hurt anybody!”


Predictions can ruin relationships. Try to understand and don’t let communication gaps take place!

making relations special

3. Appreciate Life at Every Moment

When an angler was sitting close to the beach, under the shadow of a tree smoking his beedi. Out of nowhere a rich money manager passing by moved toward him and enquired with regards to why he was sitting under a tree smoking and not working. To this, the helpless angler answered that he had gotten enough fish for the afternoon.

Hearing this the rich man blew up and said: Why don’t you get more fish as opposed to sitting in shadow burning through your time? Angler inquired: What might I do by getting more fish?

Finance manager: You could get more fish, sell them bring in more cash, and purchase a greater boat. Angler: What might I do then, at that point? Finance manager: You could go fishing in profound waters and catch considerably more fish and bring in much more cash.

Angler: What might I do then, at that point? Finance manager: You could purchase many boats and utilize many individuals to work for yourself and bring in much more cash.

Angler: What might I do then, at that point? Finance manager: You could turn into a rich financial specialist like me. Angler: What might I do then, at that point? Finance manager: You could then partake in your life calmly. Angler: What do you believe I’m doing well at this point?


Don’t relish other people’s lifestyles. Consider what you have!

appreciate life at every moment

4. A Hope that Nobody Had

In a town, youngsters and elderly folks all used to fill in as workers. When a youngster had the option to work, he was given something to do. It continued for a considerable length of time.

There was a vagrant kid. He likewise worked like different kids. At some point, he chose to leave the work and considered accomplishing something else from different kids.

That day, he saw a cop in his town and chose to turn into a police officer. At the point when this news spread in the town, everybody began chuckling and disclosed to him that he was unable to do it. Yet, the kid didn’t surrender trust. He left the town the following day and headed off to someplace alone.

Following ten years, he got back to his town wearing the uniform of the police. The outcome was that every one of the residents was stunned.


The kid was certain that he could turn into a police officer, so he continued.

a hope that nobody had5. Guts of the Giraffe

A giraffe was strolling in the woodland. He saw a tree alongside him. He went to the tree and began eating the leaves utilizing his high neck. There were likewise a few cheetahs there.

On seeing the giraffe, they jumped on him. Seeing this pain, the giraffe was unnerved. Every one of the cheetahs began scratching him. Because of his high neck, he didn’t fall rapidly.

However, those cheetahs were making an honest effort to tumble down and snatch his neck. The giraffe felt that on the off chance that he tumbled down, he would turn into the chase of those cheetahs.

That is the reason he put all his strength and drove those cheetahs away by hitting them with his long legs. At last, the giraffe was protected.


The giraffe felt that if he tumbled down, he would turn into the chase of those cheetahs, so made an honest effort to keep away from this misery.

guts of the giraffe

6. Nature of a Honey Bee

A plane was doing retribution in the backwoods. There was a spotless lake close by. After getting up from the retribution, when he began taking water from the lake, he saw that a honey bee was suffocating in the water.

He attempted to get the honey bee out however when he took it out, it would tear into him. Even after gnawing him ordinarily, the austere was attempting to get it out.

A man remaining somewhere out there was watching the scene. When he asked that austere, “For what reason would you say you are taking her out in case it’s messing with you more than once?”

The plain answered, “As biting is the idea of a honey bee, similarly, it’s my temperament to save a daily existence.”


As biting is the idea of a honey bee, similarly, it’s my temperament to save a daily existence.

nature of the honey bee

7. For What Reason Should I Feel Bad?

Once, there was this person, who was enamored with a young lady. She wasn’t the most lovely and ravishing yet for his purposes, she was everything.

He used to dream about her, about going through the remainder of his time on earth with her. His companions advised him, “For what reason do you dream such a great amount about her when you couldn’t say whether she cherishes you or not?

First, disclose to her your sentiments, and become acquainted with if she enjoys you or not”. He felt that was the correct way. The young lady knew all along that this person cherished her.

One day when he proposed, she dismissed him. His companions figured he would take liquor, drugs, and so forth and ruin his life.


Amazingly, he was not discouraged.

for what reason should i feel bad

8. A Poor Little Girl

Once, a rich woman, having no offspring of her own, chose to embrace a young lady kid. For this, she gave notices in different papers. Numerous helpless ladies came to offer their little girls to her.

The rich woman gave some cash to all the young ladies and requested that they go to the market and purchase their #1 thing. On returning, every one of the young ladies showed the rich woman the things they had purchased.

The vast majority of them had purchased strips, garments, and different things for themselves; however, one helpless young lady had purchased a petition book and a needle.


The woman was dazzled by the helpless young lady and adjusted her expression so that the young lady truly knew the embodiment of love and difficult work.

a poor little girl

9. Absolution

I miss and think about my father each day, that is something that will not at any point disappear. Growing up my father was consistently there for us.

He was a diligent employee and did whatever he could to help his family monetarily. As we became more established my mother and father began to develop separated and isolated. I was around 18 at that point.

I think I was around 21 when my father passed on to Mexico since his mom had died. He left and didn’t return until June of this current year. 8 entire years had passed without a word from him or not having the option to see him.

A great deal has occurred in my life, I got hitched and had 2 children. He wasn’t there. With my entire existence, I Forgive him. With his return, I discovered he had colon disease and just had a month to live.

I would not like to squander my energy on adverse sentiments.


Regularly, I revealed to him I adored him and just to have the option to embrace and kiss him one final time is all that I might at any point request. I excuse you, Dad.


10. Canine’s Chomp

A rich man was enamored with keeping a canine, so he purchased a canine from the market. He used to remove him from the house for a walk each day. He had been doing this consistently throughout the previous few months.

Truth be told, he cherished him without question. Individuals of his settlement were additionally extremely glad to see his love for the canine.

At some point, when he returned home from his office, the canine bit him while going into the house. When individuals of his settlement came to think about this occurrence, they began condemning the canine.

However, the man didn’t respond to it. When the man’s injury was mended, he again went to the canine and embraced him affectionately. Additionally, the canine likewise licked his proprietor.


The man never carried any regrettable considerations to the canine.

cannie chomp

Positive Attitude Short Stories For Employees

1. Mike’s Magical Monday Meetings

Mondays at the insurance agency were typically sluggish until Mike, a young executive, started “Magic Mondays.” Every Monday, he’d share a motivational quote or an uplifting story from the weekend.

The ten-minute meetings transformed the office atmosphere. Mondays weren’t dreaded anymore; they became a source of inspiration and camaraderie.

2. The Power of Optimism

Once, a team of employees faced a challenging project. Despite setbacks, Sarah, an optimistic employee, remained positive and encouraged her teammates.

Her unwavering belief in their abilities inspired everyone. With renewed energy, they conquered obstacles and achieved success, proving that a positive attitude can move mountains.

3. The Ripple Effect of Positivity

In a gloomy office, Emma always wore a smile. Her positivity was infectious, brightening the workplace. One by one, colleagues embraced optimism, transforming the atmosphere.

Productivity soared, and teamwork thrived. Emma’s simple act of kindness had a ripple effect, reminding us that positivity can change lives.

4. The Power of Gratitude

Mark, a diligent employee, practiced gratitude daily. He thanked his colleagues, mentors, and even challenges for their lessons. This positive mindset transformed his outlook, fostering a sense of appreciation and contentment.

Over time, his gratitude inspired others, cultivating a harmonious workplace where everyone valued and supported one another.

5. The Unstoppable Janitor

Every morning, Sam, the janitor at a tech firm, greeted everyone with a smile, making the early hours bearable. One day, the main server crashed, causing panic.

Sam calmly approached the team, sharing how he’d noticed a similar situation in a documentary, and suggested a potential solution. To everyone’s surprise, it worked!

From that day, employees not only valued Sam’s positive attitude but his observant nature as well.

Positive Attitude Short Stories For Students

1. The Sun’s Promise

Every morning, Ben looked out his window, hoping for sunshine. On rainy days, when others complained, he smiled, “The sun’s just taking a break. It promised to shine tomorrow.” He took that time to paint, creating bright landscapes. Months later, an art gallery showcased his work, naming it “The Sun’s Promise.” His paintings reminded everyone that after every storm, sunshine awaits.

2. Mismatched Shoes

Lily rushed to school, only to realize she wore mismatched shoes. Some students giggled, but instead of being embarrassed, she laughed and said, “I’m starting a new trend!” By week’s end, several students sported mismatched shoes, celebrating uniqueness.

3. Broke but Not Broken

Tom’s pencil broke during an exam. Panicking, he raised his hand. Sarah, a student he barely spoke to, handed him an extra one, whispering, “Always have a spare.” Grateful, Tom later started a small “Sharing Station” in class with spare supplies. It taught everyone that little acts of kindness could create big ripples.

The Most Interesting Positive Thinking Story

(The Seeds of Hope)

Once upon a time, in a small village, lived a young girl named Maya. Despite the hardships she faced, Maya possessed an unwavering belief in the power of positive thinking. One day, a terrible storm destroyed her family’s crops. While others despaired, Maya remained hopeful. She encouraged her family to replant and gave them unwavering support. With her positive attitude, the community rallied together, working diligently to restore the fields. Their efforts paid off, and the crops flourished more abundantly than ever before. Maya’s unwavering belief in positivity taught everyone that with the right mindset, even the darkest storms can lead to brighter days.

Moral: “A positive mindset can transform adversity into opportunity.”

Story On Positive And Negative Thinking

(The Power Within)

In the vibrant town of Sunshineville, there lived a young woman named Emily. She possessed a unique gift—the ability to hear the whispers of both positive and negative thoughts.

Every day, she observed the impact these thoughts had on people’s lives. Determined to make a difference, Emily decided to share her gift with the world. She started a workshop, teaching individuals to harness the power of positive thinking.

As they embraced optimism, their lives transformed. Doors of opportunity opened, relationships blossomed, and dreams became realities. Through Emily’s guidance, the town became a beacon of hope, proving that a shift in mindset can unleash the extraordinary power within.

Attitude Matters Always

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a wise old man named Anand. He was known for his positive attitude and kind heart. Despite facing numerous challenges in life, he always greeted each day with a smile and a hopeful spirit.

One day, a young boy named Rahul moved to the village. He was bitter and angry due to past disappointments. Rahul often complained about his misfortunes and believed that the world was conspiring against him.

Intrigued by Anand’s cheerful demeanor, Rahul approached him and asked, “How can you be so positive amidst life’s hardships?”

Anand smiled warmly and shared a story. “Once, there were two men who lost their jobs. One man became resentful and developed a negative attitude, blaming others for his misfortune.

He expected the world to change for him. The other man, however, saw it as an opportunity for growth. He remained optimistic, believing that better things were yet to come.”

“The first man continued to struggle, while the second man actively sought new opportunities. Eventually, he found a job that was even better than his previous one. His positive attitude and perseverance opened doors that remained closed for the first man.”

Moral: The story teaches us that attitude matters. Life is full of challenges, but how we perceive and respond to them determines our success. A positive attitude not only keeps us hopeful but also empowers us to overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities. By embracing positivity, we can shape our own destiny and create a brighter future.

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