10 Lines Short Stories with Moral Lessons

Welcome to a treasure trove of inspiration and wisdom! In this collection, we have carefully curated 10-line short stories, each no longer than a few lines, yet packed with profound moral lessons that are sure to resonate with your heart and soul.

These tales, simple in language but rich in meaning, are perfect for readers of all ages, serving as gentle reminders of the values that make us human and the virtues that guide us toward a better life.

Whether you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, a dose of motivation, or a moment of reflection, these stories are here to uplift your spirit and boost your morale. So, take a deep breath, open your heart, and dive into these short yet powerful narratives that promise to leave a lasting impact on your life.

10-Line Short Stories with Moral

1. Remember Why You Started

This story is about a girl who finds herself tired of her hectic life. The girl is too young to face this harsh world and wild tracks. But, her responsibilities have taken her that way.

She is energetic and works like a busy bee – all day long. Once her friend asked her to chill out and live for herself. For a while, she thought that her friend was right.

There is no need to work. She decided to rush and hang out with friends. Day after day, she repeated the same thing. On a weekend, she noticed that there was nothing to eat in the house.

And she has to send money to her family. That day she understands that she has spent all that money on useless things. She cried and thought that she had ruined her life.

Suddenly, she missed those days when she decided to take out those responsibilities and remembered why she started.

She cried again and promised herself that she would work even harder. And will never urge herself to bring that time again.

remember why you started

2. A Man Who Walked With Discipline

It is the story of a man who consumes a lot of digital content daily on multiple topics. But, one topic that he usually watches is how to be focused and motivated while working.

Not only does he watch those videos. But also asks his friends to inspire him daily so he can perform his daily tasks well.

Once he was sitting in a gathering with his few friends, where he said with a heavy heart: I’m tired of these daily tasks and I’m losing my motivation.

I can’t do this anymore! Then, a man stood up and said: Well, I’m not saying against anyone who motivates you. But the point is motivation is overrated!

You don’t have to feel motivated all the time to do your work. What’s more important is discipline! Passion and dedication to your work are crucial but the mindset: “I can’t do this because I haven’t motivation or I’m not enjoying it” is a 100% wrong notion in itself.

Try to change this mindset, have a cup of tea, and remember why you started by saying I can, and I will! That day, the tired man realized that he was ruining his life and decided to work hard by maintaining his schedule.

Moral Lesson:

Being motivated all the time is not everything. Also, this notion is wrong in itself. So, change your mindset when you think that you can’t do this anymore.

a man who walked with discipline

3. A Guy Who Was Late!

It is the story of a late man for an outing who showed up at a railroad station. He bounced onto the most readily accessible train.

He napped off for some time. After awakening saw the train thundering along at max throttle towards an obscure objective.

He started asking everybody where the train was going. He demanded that the train stop to let him off. The more energized he became.

The more different travelers, shockingly quiet and undaunted, appeared to be baffled by his conduct. At long last, an old man, advised him don’t you realize this train has just a single objective?

There’s nothing left but to utilize our lifespan to foster the brain looking for edification for us and others. We have it that one day we will bite the dust – so even though you can’t handle that.

You can make the best out of this train ride called life.

Moral Lesson:

Rather than revealing the dimness, light a flame and make light and make the best out of every day. You have this to inspire you!

a guy who was late

4. The Hurdles In Your Path!

On old occasions, a lord had his men place a gigantic rock on a street. He then, at that point, stowed away in the hedges and watched to check whether anybody would move the stone far from that.

A portion of the lord’s richest vendors and retainers passed by and strolled around it. Many faulted the ruler for not keeping the streets clear. However, none of them did anything about getting the rock taken out.

Thus it happened that one day a worker went along carrying vegetables after moving toward the rock. The worker set out his weight and attempted to push the stone far removed after much pushing.

He at long last oversaw after the worker returned to get his vegetables. He saw the handbag lying in the street where the stone had been, the satchel containing numerous gold coins.

What’s more? A note from the King: that the gold was for the individual who eliminated the stone from the street.

Moral Lesson:

Each hurdle that we go over offers us a chance. A chance to advance our conditions! In this way, consider each hurdle as a key to success.

the hurdles in your path

5. A Crab That Who Tries to Escape

One day a man was strolling along the seashore and saw another man fishing and surfing with a trap pail close to him. As he moved nearer he saw that the trap container had no top.

What’s more, it had live crabs inside. He inquired as to how about you cover the trap container so the crabs will not get away. He said you don’t comprehend!

There is one crab in the can it would most likely creep out rapidly. Anyway, when there are many crabs in the can. When one attempts to slither up the side to get away, the others grasp it. Also, pull it back down so it will have a similar destiny as most of them.

Doesn’t limit recognizable tragically it is this way with individuals as well if somebody attempts to further develop their life accomplish something, improve grades to work on themselves get away from their current circumstances or even think beyond practical boundaries.

There are consistently others who will attempt to drag them back down to share their destiny.

Moral Lesson:

What is the lesson of the story: disregard the crab’s charge ahead and rely on your instinct? Also, make the right decision for you. It may not generally be simple, and you may not prevail however much you like.

Be that as it may, you won’t ever have a similar destiny as the individuals who never attempt to search out individuals who have succeeded!

a crab who tires to escape

6. A Wise Man’s and His Thriving Jokes

A wise man once confronted a gathering of individuals who were whining about similar issues again and again. At some point, rather than paying attention to the grumblings.

He made them a wisecrack. And everybody laughed out loud snickering. Then, at that point, the man rehashed the joke. A couple of individuals grinned.

At long last, the man rehashed the joke a third time–however, nobody responded. The man grinned and said, “You will not chuckle at a similar joke more than once.

So what would you say you are getting from proceeding to gripe about a similar issue?”

Moral Lesson:

You’re not going to go anyplace if you continue to whine about a similar issue yet never really fix it. Try not to burn through your time whining, anticipating that other people should keep on responding to your grumblings.

All things being equal, make a move to roll out an improvement.

a wise man and his thriving jokes

7. What a Clumsy Waste!

A mother camel and her child were resting, absorbing the sun. The child camel asked his mother, “For what reason do we have these large knocks on our back?”

The mother hated to think and afterward said, “We live in the desert where there isn’t a lot of water accessible. Our mounds store water to assist us with making due on long excursions.”

The child camel then, at that point halted to think and said, “All things considered, for what reason do we have long legs with adjusted feet?”

His mom answered, “They are intended to assist us with strolling through the sand.” The child posed the third inquiry, “For what reason are my eyelashes so long?”

The mother answered, “Your long eyelashes offer you insurance from sand when it blows in the breeze.” At long last, the child said, “If we have these innate capacities given to us to stroll through the desert, what’s the utilization for camels in the Zoo?”

Moral Lesson:

The abilities that you have will not be valuable if you’re not in the right mood. You’ve most likely known about their expert vocation to follow their fantasies or the individual who stays unfulfilled in their work. However, I don’t attempt to roll out an improvement.

stories with moral

8. The Man and the Wild Rope

When strolling through an elephant camp, a man saw that the elephants got with a little rope. It gets tied around one lower leg.

He asked why the elephants didn’t break free from the rope. As the elephants were surely sufficiently able to do as such. He asked a coach for what good reason the elephants didn’t attempt to break free.

And the mentor reacted by saying that they utilize a similar-sized rope for child elephants. Since they’re too little when they’re children to break liberated from the rope.

They grow up having adapted that the rope is more grounded than they are.

Moral Lesson:

See the light in the dark! When you see a chance, avail it!

stories with moral

9. Broke but don’t Hold!

Quite a long time ago, a man discovered a butterfly that was beginning to bring forth from its cover. He plunked down and watched the butterfly for quite a long time as it battled to constrain itself through a little opening.

Then, at that point, it unexpectedly quit gaining ground. And seemed as though it was stuck. In this way, the man chose to take care of the butterfly.

He took some scissors. And remove the excess bit of the casing. The butterfly then, arose effectively, even though it had an enlarged body and little, withered wings.

Despite humankind’s heart, he didn’t comprehend the confining casing. The battle required by the butterfly to get itself through the little opening was God’s method to set itself up for flying once it was free.

Moral Lesson:

Never allow one failure from yesterday to hold your hand in the future!

stories with moral

10. The Singing Bird!

Once there was a girl who had a bird that loved to sing! The bird usually sits on a window and sings beautifully. But the girl was a bit rude and didn’t like her bird to sing.

One day the girl was sleeping and the bird started singing, the girl got disturbed and tied the bird’s beak so it wouldn’t sing again.

The next day when the girl was awake, her mouth was not spitting a single word. She was in pain and couldn’t breathe properly.

The whole day she was in that awkward situation. And at night she suddenly saw that bird and realized that the bird might be suffering from the same situation.

She then opened her mouth and set the bird free. In just a few seconds, the girl’s mouth becomes back to normal!

Moral Lesson:

Don’t do or say anything that you can’t bear yourself!

the singing bird