Rap Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Welcome to our fun exploration of rap idioms! These are phrases inspired by rap music that are used in everyday English. Let’s learn what they mean and see examples of how to use them!

Rap Idioms

Here are 20 rap idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

Spit Bars

Meaning: To rap music skillfully.

Example: He loves to spit bars at parties.

Drop a Beat

Meaning: Start playing a rhythmic backing track.

Example: The DJ decided to drop a beat.

Hype Up

Meaning: Excite or energize someone.

Example: He knows how to hype up the crowd.

Throw Shade

Meaning: Subtly express disrespect.

Example: She didn’t hesitate to throw shade at her rival.

Keep it Real

Meaning: Stay true to oneself.

Example: He always tries to keep it real with his friends.


Meaning: Improvise in performance.

Example: He can freestyle for hours without stopping.


Meaning: The rhythm and rhyme in rap.

Example: His flow is smooth and consistent.

Drop the Mic

Meaning: Perform impressively before exiting.

Example: After his speech, he drop the mic.

On Point

Meaning: Perfect, without any flaws.

Example: Her new song is absolutely on point.

Kick It

Meaning: Hang out or relax.

Example: Let’s just kick it tonight.

Lay Down Tracks

Meaning: Record music in the studio.

Example: They went to lay down tracks for the new album.

Mad Skills

Meaning: Exceptional talent.

Example: He’s got mad skills in graphic design.

Blow Up

Meaning: Become very popular or successful.

Example: Her video just blow up on social media.

In the Mix

Meaning: Involved in an activity.

Example: She’s always in the mix at social events.


Meaning: Create percussion sounds using one’s mouth.

Example: He can beatbox like a pro drummer.


Meaning: The catchy part of a song.

Example: I can’t get the hook out of my head!

Rock the Mic

Meaning: Perform vocally with great skill.

Example: He’s ready to rock the mic tonight.


Meaning: New or cool in a distinctive way.

Example: That new jacket looks really fresh.

Go Hard

Meaning: Put in a lot of effort.

Example: They go hard every single game.


Meaning: Play loud music.

Example: They like to bump the new album in the car.


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