10 Best Christian Poems about Weddings (Short & Funny)

Celebrate the union of love with faith through these 10 Best Christian Poems About Weddings. Dive into verses that beautifully intertwine humor, spirituality, and the essence of matrimony, offering a unique touch to your special day or simply uplifting your heart with joy and laughter.

Christian Poems about Weddings

1. Unity in Faith and Love

The sacred bond of marriage mirrors the unity between Christ and the Church. This poem emphasizes the blending of two souls in faith, just as two candles become one flame.

In the church where two hearts bind,

God’s love and theirs intertwined.

Blessings rain, from heavens above,

Sealed with faith, and endless love.


Two candles lit, soon become one,

A journey of love has just begun.

In God’s name, they take the vow,

To love, to cherish, here and now.


With every step on holy ground,

God’s grace and love is all around.

Together they’ll face joys and strife,

Forever entwined, husband and wife.

2. The Divine Design

Weddings are a reflection of God’s divine plan and design. This poem highlights the purposeful union of two individuals, destined by God’s grace.

In God’s eyes, two souls convene,

To a future, yet unseen.

Hand in hand, heart to heart,

By His design, they’ll never part.


Created for each other’s embrace,

In holy matrimony, they find their place.

Under the cross, they stand so tall,

God’s purpose clear, He planned it all.


From this day to eternity’s end,

In joy, in trials, on God they depend.

For in His design, so divine and grand,

Together they’re purposed, forever to stand.

3. Love’s Eternal Song

Music is often equated with love. This poem likens the union of two people in matrimony to a harmonious song, blessed by the divine.

Harmonies play, in love’s sweet tune,

Blessed by stars, sun, and moon.

In the chapel’s gentle throng,

They join in love’s eternal song.


With chords of faith, they begin,

A life of love, free from sin.

Melodies rise, in joy and glee,

For all the world, the love to see.


May their love song ever play,

Guided by God, come what may.

For in His grace, they found the key,

To love’s eternal symphony.

4. Laughter and Light

A wedding isn’t just a solemn occasion. It’s also filled with joy, laughter, and light-hearted moments. This poem captures the delightful, funny side of Christian weddings.

In the aisle, a giggle escapes,

A light-hearted moment, love takes shape.

With playful nudges and whispered jokes,

God’s love shines through, it evokes.


A misstep here, a veil askew,

Moments funny, yet feelings true.

In every chuckle, God’s design,

Laughter and love, forever entwine.


With every jest, they draw near,

Happiness evident, crystal clear.

For in joy, love, and God’s sight,

Weddings shine with laughter and light.

Christian Poems about Weddings

Inspirational Christian Poems about Weddings

1. Foundation of Faith

Marriage is a journey, and every journey needs a solid foundation. This poem emphasizes the importance of faith as the cornerstone of a lasting marriage.

Upon the altar, two souls meet,

With promises profound and sweet.

Bound not just by golden rings,

But faith that eternal love brings.


God as their guide, they’ll not sway,

Through storms and sun, they’ll find their way.

For with faith as their foundation strong,

Together, they’ll overcome every wrong.


In love’s dance, they gracefully sway,

Lifting prayers to God each day.

For in His grace and love so wide,

Forever they’ll journey, side by side.

2. Vows of Valor

Wedding vows are not just words; they are commitments made with courage and determination. This poem speaks to the bravery in making these lifelong promises before God.

Bravely they stand, hearts open wide,

With God as witness, side by side.

For wedding vows are more than just speech,

They’re promises only true love can reach.


With valor, they pledge to endure,

In health, in sickness, their love pure.

Leaning on Christ, through thick and thin,

They’ll conquer all, from within.


Boldly they step into the morrow,

With faith to overcome any sorrow.

For the vows they make, strong and clear,

Are sacred echoes God holds dear.

3. The Beacon of Blessings

A wedding is not just a union of two souls but also a beacon of God’s blessings and love. This poem paints the picture of a marriage illuminated by divine favor.

In holy matrimony, they gleam,

Lit by God’s love, a radiant beam.

Like a lighthouse through misty seas,

Their union stands, with God’s decree.


Each challenge faced, every tear shed,

God’s blessings upon them are spread.

In the darkest nights, their love shines bright,

Guided always by His divine light.


Through life’s ebb and flow they’ll sail,

With God’s blessings, they’ll never fail.

For their union, so precious and rare,

Is a beacon of love, beyond compare.

Inspirational Christian Poems about Weddings

Funny Christian Poems about Weddings

1. Holy Matrimony and Missing Socks

In this playful poem, the joys of married life are cheekily compared to the everyday conundrum of mismatched socks.

At the altar, they made their claim,

Together forever, in Jesus’ name.

But little did they expect to see,

A future of socks that just won’t agree.


He looks left, she looks right,

Where’s that sock, lost from sight?

In holy matrimony they dove headfirst,

Now they wonder, who’ll find that sock first?


Blessed in love, with socks astray,

They laugh together, come what may.

For in every missing pair they seek,

God’s sense of humor, surely does peek.

2. When Two Become One…Snore

This poem humorously delves into the reality of sharing a bed and the symphony of snores that might just accompany it.

They vowed to be one, under God’s sun,

Their journey of love had just begun.

But neither did mention, nor did they guess,

The nighttime duet, of snore’s gentle caress.


He snores to the left, she snores to the right,

A harmonious tune, every single night.

With giggles they’d wake, in the morning’s light,

“Was that you or me?” they’d jestingly fight.


Through thick and thin, and snores so loud,

Their love remains, ever so proud.

For even in sleep, their bond does soar,

Echoing love, with every snore.

3. Heavenly Match, Earthly Dishes

Drawing from the amusing trials of household chores, this poem jests about the divine union and the very terrestrial task of washing dishes.

God brought them together, a match so fine,

In love and faith, their stars align.

Yet amidst the joy, and wedding wishes,

They weren’t warned of the mounting dishes.


Each evening they’d stand, side by side,

One would wash, the other dry, oh the pride!

With bubbles and laughs, and occasional splashes,

Together they’d conquer the towering dishes.


Though chores might be many, and moments amiss,

In love and laughter, they find their bliss.

For between God’s love and soapy dishes,

Their love grows strong, fulfilling all wishes.

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