12 Poems about Anorexia | Eating Disorders Poems

Eating disorders are complex battles many face in silence. Through the raw emotion of poetry, we delve into 12 poignant poems about anorexia, shedding light on the struggles and resilience of those affected. Discover the heart-wrenching journey of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Short Poems about Eating Disorders

1. Behind the Mask

This poem delves into the hidden pain that those with eating disorders often conceal behind a facade. It speaks of the internal conflict, the struggle between one’s outer appearance and the turmoil within.

Behind a smile, the shadows creep,

Eyes that hold secrets, too heavy to speak.

Laughter rings out, yet inside they’re weak,

Behind the mask, the pain runs deep.


Every meal a battleground, every bite a test,

The mirror reflects a heart in distress.

Seeking perfection, never feeling the best,

Locked in a cycle, no peace, no rest.


But in the darkness, hope can ignite,

A flicker, a flame, cutting through the night.

Recovery’s journey, hard but right,

Breaking free from the endless fight.

2. Chains of Reflection

This poem underscores the power that the mirror holds over individuals battling eating disorders. It captures the distorted perception of self-worth tied to appearance and the yearning for freedom from such chains.

In the glass, a twisted view,

Judgment sharp, criticisms accrue.

Every flaw magnified, every imperfection new,

Chains of reflection, holding me too.


Weight of the world, measured in scale,

Numbers define, success or fail.

But the heart within tells a different tale,

Of strength and courage, beyond the pale.


One day the mirror will lose its hold,

Stories of recovery, bravely told.

Beauty redefined, both young and old,

Breaking the chains, becoming bold.

3. Voice Within

This poem emphasizes the internal voice that both torments and comforts those dealing with eating disorders. It highlights the duality of these voices, one that pushes towards self-destruction and another that nudges towards healing.

Silent whispers, loud and clear,

Voice of doubt, voice of fear.

Every meal, it’s always near,

Dragging me down, year by year.


Yet another voice, gentle and kind,

Urges healing, peace of mind.

Telling me, to myself be blind,

Seek help, let our lives intertwine.


Battle of voices, which will win?

The path to recovery is never thin.

But with love, support, from kin and kin,

The voice of hope will surely begin.

Short Poems about Eating Disorders

Funny Poems about Anorexia

1. The Recovery Feast

This poem playfully imagines a celebratory feast thrown in honor of someone’s journey through recovery. It’s a joyful gathering where food is a symbol of love, support, and triumph.

In honor of my waist, we threw a bash,

A smorgasbord of treats, a recovery splash.

Cakes, pies, and fries took a leap,

Dancing on plates, in a delicious heap.


The broccoli did jazz, the carrots did hop,

Even the spinach, twirled non-stop.

“Pizza’s here!” someone gave a shout,

Cheese doing the tango, no doubt about.


At the end of the feast, with belly so round,

I realized the love that truly abound.

For food’s not the foe, but a friend so neat,

Especially when shared, making life sweet.

2. The Foodie’s Rhyme

This poem jokes about the changing relationship with food. As one progresses in their recovery journey, they rediscover the joy of various tastes and cuisines.

Once upon a plate so shiny,

Sat foods of every size and tiny.

They beckoned, teased, said, “Give it a try!”

“I’m more than numbers,” was my reply.


The noodles played harp, the sauce did sing,

A symphony of flavors, such a zing!

The burger whispered, “Hey, no guilt!”

As its cheese melted, smooth as silk.


By dessert, my fears began to sway,

For food was fun, in every way!

With every bite, I laughed and sighed,

Recovery tastes splendid, I can’t deny!

3. A Date with the Plate

This poem humorously depicts the renewed love affair between a person and their plate, celebrating the small victories in recovery.

On a sunny afternoon, plate and I had a date,

Filled with colors and tastes, oh so great!

We chatted and laughed, no room for debate,

For recovery’s journey, we both did celebrate.


The eggs winked at me, bacon gave a grin,

The toast raised its crust, “Where have you been?”

Salad made a twirl, dressing gave a spin,

Every bite was a step, a wonderful win.


By the end of our date, plate and I were tight,

Promising more lunches, dinners, and nights.

For in the dance of recovery, there’s light,

With every meal shared, life’s pure delight!

Funny Poems about Anorexia

Poems about Anorexia Recovery

1. Rising from the Shadows

This poem describes the slow ascent from the darkness of anorexia, emphasizing the resilience and hope found in recovery. It’s a reminder of the transformative power of perseverance.

In the heart of darkness, a glimmer shone,

A whisper of hope, previously unknown.

Out of the shadows, I began to tread,

With dreams of tomorrow, I moved ahead.


No longer defined by the scale’s cold numbers,

I found strength in sleep, peace in slumbers.

Each step I took, each challenge I met,

Led me to places, I’d never forget.


Recovery’s road, not straight but winding,

Yet, every turn brought new findings.

With love and support, I rose above,

Embracing life, with endless love.

2. Embracing Every Hue

This poem speaks of the vibrant tapestry of life that’s revealed as one overcomes anorexia. Each stanza reflects the rediscovery of joy, colors, and the richness of existence.

Life once muted, now vivid and bright,

Recovery unveiled colors, pure delight.

The blues of the sky, the greens of the tree,

Once overlooked, now set free.


The reds of passion, yellows of glee,

Painted my world, as I began to see.

Food as fuel, body as art,

Every meal, a brand new start.


In this palette of life, each hue’s a story,

Of battles won, of regained glory.

Anorexia’s grip, no longer so true,

For in recovery, I embraced every hue.

3. The Melody of Renewal

This poem paints the process of recovery as a beautiful song, where every note represents a moment of triumph, understanding, and growth.

In silence, once, my heart did stay,

Anorexia’s grip, led me astray.

But from the quiet, arose a tune,

A melody of renewal, a healing monsoon.


Every bite taken, a note so sweet,

Every reflection, a rhythm complete.

The chorus of cheers, from loved ones near,

Echoed the love, louder than fear.


The song of recovery, long and profound,

Filled with highs, lows, and all-around.

With every verse, I found my way,

To brighter tomorrows, and a better today.

Poems about Anorexia Recovery

Inspirational Poems about Anorexia

1. Unyielding Strength

This poem speaks to the incredible resilience of those battling anorexia. It’s a testament to the undying spirit that exists within, even amidst the toughest challenges.

Amidst the storm, a spirit stands tall,

Unyielding, unbroken, refusing to fall.

Anorexia’s whispers, cruel and sly,

Yet, the heart’s call is to reach the sky.


Battles internal, a constant fray,

Yet courage emerges, day by day.

For within the depths, strength does reside,

Pushing forward, casting doubt aside.


Remember this journey, winding and long,

For every step proves you belong.

With hope as the compass, and love as the song,

Unyielding strength makes you strong.

2. The Dawn of Hope

This poem embodies the promise of a new beginning that comes with recovery. It captures the transformative power of hope, urging individuals to embrace it fully.

In the darkest hours, before dawn’s first light,

When anorexia’s grip felt ever so tight,

There emerged a hope, pure and bright,

Promising battles won, without a fight.


Every sunrise, a fresh start anew,

Chasing dreams, pursuing what’s true.

Breaking free from chains, with every hue,

The horizon gleaming, in shades of blue.


So when shadows loom, and nights are steep,

Let the dawn of hope, in your heart seep.

For in its embrace, promises are kept,

And dreams once distant, are now adept.

3. Warrior’s Anthem

This poem is an ode to the fierce warriors battling anorexia. It highlights the triumphant spirit that surges even in the face of adversity.

In the arena of life, a warrior stands,

Facing anorexia, with outstretched hands.

With armor of will, and sword of truth,

They charge forward, with the zeal of youth.


Every setback, a lesson learned,

Every victory, hard-earned.

The anthem of survival, loudly sung,

Echoing tales of battles won.


So here’s to the warriors, brave and grand,

Turning tides, taking a stand.

For in the heartbeats, loud and clear,

Resides the anthem, all hold dear.

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