Another Word For Sorry or Apologize, Synonyms of Sorry

We all make mistakes, it’s a part of life. Whether we’ve done something wrong or someone else has hurt us, saying sorry is one of the first steps to repairing relationships and making amends. But sometimes “sorry” doesn’t feel like enough – you want to express how much you recognize your mistake and sincerely apologize for it, without repeating yourself. That’s where this blog post comes in!

Here, I’ll explore a range of alternative cute phrases that convey an apology far more effectively than just another “sorry”. Read on to find out more about alternate words for apologizing!

Another Word For Sorry

Synonyms of Sorry

Other Words For Sorry are;

touched softened shamefaced
self-reproachful self-condemnatory self-accusing
repentant remorseful regretful
penitential penitent melted
guilt-ridden contrite conscience-stricken
compunctious attritional apologetic

Use of Sorry in Example Sentences

  • I am very sorry.
  • She was very sorry.
  • I am not very sorry.
  • She was not very sorry.
  • I am not sorry at all.
  • She was very sorry for what she had done.
  • I am very sorry for what I have done.
  • She was very sorry for what she had said.
  • I am very sorry for what I have said.
  • I am not sorry, but I will be.

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another word for sorry or apologize

Other Ways to Say Sorry

1- Please accept my apology

2- It was a misunderstanding

3- My mistake, I’m truly sorry

4- I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience

5- I should not have said that, forgive me

6- What I did was wrong and inexcusable

7- Please excuse my behavior

8- I regret the things I said

9- It won’t happen again, sorry

10- Let me make it up to you

11- I’m so sorry for hurting you

12- I know my actions were wrong

13- I’m embarrassed and ashamed

14- Please forgive me, it won’t happen again

15- I acted out of line and am very sorry

16- No excuse for what I did, forgive me

17- All I can say is that I’m sorry

18- I’ll do whatever it takes to make this right

19- Please accept my sincerest apology

20- There are no words to express how sorry I am.

Other Ways to Say Sorry