A List of Interjection in English (Infographics and PDF)

An interjection is a word or phrase that expresses sudden or strong feelings. An interjection is a word added to a sentence to convey a feeling or emotion or sentiment such as joy, disgust, surprise, enthusiasm, or excitement.

List of Interjections in English

Below is the list of interjections in English.

Ah Ah, that’s much better.
Aha Aha, I’ve found it!
Ahem Ahem, may I have your attention?
Alas Alas, it was not meant to be.
Alright Alright, let’s get started.
Amen Amen to that idea.
Aw Aw, did I miss the party?
Aww Aww, that puppy is so cute.
Bah Bah, I don’t believe it.
Bam Bam, and the job was done.
Bingo Bingo, that’s exactly right!
Blah Blah, today feels endless.
Boo Boo, did I scare you?
Booyah Booyah, I aced the test!
Bravo Bravo, what a stunning performance!
Brrr Brrr, it’s cold outside.
Cheers Cheers to good health.
Crikey Crikey, that’s a huge spider.
D’oh D’oh, forgot my keys again.
Darn Darn, missed the bus.
Duh Duh, I should’ve known that.
Eek Eek, a mouse!
Eep Eep, that was close!
Eh Eh, could be better.
Eureka Eureka, I’ve solved the puzzle!
Fie Fie, away with this nonsense.
Fore Fore, watch out on the golf course!
Fuff Fuff, that’s just hot air.
Gah Gah, that’s frustrating!
Gee Gee, that’s amazing!
Giddyap Giddyap, it’s time to get moving!
Gosh Gosh, didn’t see that coming.
Ha Ha, I knew you’d laugh!
Haha Haha, that joke was funny.
Hallelujah Hallelujah, finally finished my work.
Hey Hey, over here!
Hi Hi, nice to meet you.
Hm Hm, I’m not so sure.
Hmm Hmm, that’s an interesting idea.
Ho Ho, what a surprise!
Holy Holy cow, that was unexpected!
Hoorah Hoorah, we’ve won the match!
Hooray Hooray, the school’s out for summer!
Huh Huh, I don’t understand.
Hush Hush, the baby’s sleeping.
Ick Ick, this milk has gone bad.
Jeepers Jeepers, that gave me a scare!
Jeez Jeez, that was harder than I thought.
Kaboom Kaboom, the fireworks began.
Kapow Kapow, the superhero lands a punch.
Kazaam Kazaam, and the magic happens!
Kerplunk Kerplunk, the apple fell from the tree.
Lol Lol, that meme is hilarious.
Meh Meh, I’ve seen better.
Mm-hmm Mm-hmm, I’m listening.
Nah Nah, I don’t feel like going.
Nee Nee, I’d rather not.
Nope Nope, that’s not mine.
Now Now, let’s get serious.
Nu-uh Nu-uh, I don’t agree.
Oh Oh, now I understand.
Oh-oh Oh-oh, this doesn’t look good.
Oho Oho, what do we have here?
Oi Oi, watch where you’re going!
Oink Oink, said the playful pig.
Oof Oof, that was a heavy box.
Oops Oops, forgot to turn off the stove.
Ouch Ouch, that really hurt!
Ow Ow, I bit my tongue!
Oy Oy, what a day I’ve had.
Oye Oye, listen to this!
Phew Phew, glad that’s over.
Phooey Phooey, it didn’t work out.
Poof Poof, and the magician disappeared.
Pop Pop, went the balloon.
Pow Pow, right in the kisser!
Pshaw Pshaw, I don’t believe it.
Psst Psst, can you keep a secret?
Rah Rah, go team go!
Rats Rats, foiled again!
Roger Roger that, message received.
Shh Shh, we need to be quiet.
Shoo Shoo, get away from here.
Sigh Sigh, that’s a bit disappointing.
Snap Snap, my shoelace broke.
Sniff Sniff, I miss home already.
Tada Tada, finished with a flourish!
Tch Tch, that’s not very nice.
Teehee Teehee, that joke was cute.
There There, I fixed it for you.
Tsk-tsk Tsk-tsk, should’ve known better.
Tut-tut Tut-tut, it looks like rain.
Uh Uh, I’m not sure.
Uh-huh Uh-huh, I’m listening.
Uh-oh Uh-oh, this could be trouble.
Ugh Ugh, I hate getting up early.
Um Um, what was I saying?
Voila Voila, the meal is ready.
Whee Whee, this is fun!
Whoa Whoa, that was unexpected!

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Infographics (list of Interjections)

List of Interjections

list of interjection in english A list of Interjection in English A list of Interjection in English PDF

List of Interjection PDF

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