3 Degrees of Fresh, Comparative Degree of Fresh, Superlative Degree of Fresh

Meaning of Fresh: new, untouched

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Fresh

Comparative degree of fresh is fresher, superlative degree of fresh is freshest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Fresh fresher freshest

Example Sentences Using Positive Degree of Fresh:

  1. The bakery smells of fresh bread in the morning.
  2. She enjoyed a fresh salad for lunch.
  3. The flowers were fresh and vibrant.
  4. I love the taste of fresh fruit juice.
  5. The laundry smelled fresh after being washed.
  6. He took a deep breath of fresh air.
  7. The coffee shop serves freshly brewed coffee.
  8. The rain made the grass smell fresh.
  9. The sea breeze felt fresh against my face.
  10. The grocery store has a section for fresh produce.

Example Sentences Using Comparative Degree of Fresh:

  1. The second batch of cookies tasted fresher than the first.
  2. Her salad was fresher than mine with crisp lettuce.
  3. The morning air felt fresher than the afternoon heat.
  4. The newly baked bread smelled fresher than the stale loaf.
  5. The farmers’ market had fresher vegetables than the supermarket.
  6. The ocean breeze was fresher near the shore.
  7. The bouquet of flowers looked fresher with each passing day.
  8. The just-picked fruit was fresher and juicier.
  9. The air in the mountains felt fresher than in the city.
  10. The morning dew made the grass appear fresher.

Example Sentences Using Superlative Degree of Fresh:

  1. The bakery is known for the freshest pastries in town.
  2. Her salad was the freshest and most flavorful on the menu.
  3. The morning air at the mountaintop was the freshest I had ever breathed.
  4. The seafood restaurant offers the freshest catches of the day.
  5. The garden boasted the freshest flowers in the neighborhood.
  6. The newly harvested vegetables were the freshest we had ever tasted.
  7. The rainforest air was the freshest and most invigorating.
  8. The farmers’ market had the freshest selection of organic produce.
  9. The ocean breeze at sunrise was the freshest and most refreshing.
  10. The coffee shop prides itself on serving the freshest coffee beans.

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